Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts eBook Giveaway

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First, a quick announcement. The winners of Mare’s Just Making Ice Cream eBook are: #10 Aadel Bussinger and #159 Debbi B. Congratulations — and watch your email. :) Everyone else, you can still purchase the ice cream ebook here for a donation of $10 or $12 and your purchase supports the RO4Y ministry.

Now, get excited! I’m about to giveaway 3 copies of Kate’s (Modern Alternative Mama) tastiest, newest eBook — Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts.

This book is full of tempting desserts made from real food. Full-fat, full-flavor and low-sugar. No white flour, white sugar or vegetable oil at all. Flours are sprouted, soaked or grain-free (like almond flour). There are more than a few grain-free and GAPS-friendly desserts, too!

What excites me most are Kate’s almond flour recipes using natural sweeteners. I’ve got a 25 pound box of almond flour sitting here by my desk. I’ve used it (deliciously) for Cara’s cowboy cookies, pancakes and bread. I love the flavor of almond flour and I love that you don’t need quite so many eggs as when baking with coconut flour.

And now with Kate’s book I have my eye on learning what else I can do with almond flour. How do these sound to you? Vanilla cupcakes, chocolate cake, lemon cake, spice cake, carrot cake, vanilla bean cheesecake… and I could go on. Is your mouth watering yet?

Delicious Recipes

Look at all the delicious recipes included in Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts. All recipes marked with an * are grain-free.

Cakes and Frostings

  • Vanilla Cupcakes*
  • Chocolate Cake I
  • Chocolate Cake II*
  • Vanilla Sponge Cake
  • Lemon Cake*
  • Spice Cake*
  • Carrot Cake I*
  • Carrot Cake II
  • Cream Cheese Frosting*
  • Chocolate Frosting/Sauce*
  • Whipped Cream*
  • Vanilla Bean Cheesecake*


  • Brownies*
  • Chocolate Cookies*
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Butter Cookies
  • Chocolate-Mint Filling*

Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

  • Strawberry Yum Yum
  • Chocolate Gelato*
  • Mocha Gelato*
  • Strawberry-Peach Frozen Yogurt*
  • Strawberry Ice Cream*
  • Strawberry Lemonade Freeze*


  • Cinnamon Rolls
  • Crepes
  • Chocolate Éclairs
  • Scones*
  • Pie Crust*
  • Strawberry Pie*
  • Chocolate Pie*
  • Strawberry Short Cake*
  • Chocolate-Hazelnut Sauce*

CLOSED Giveaway: 3 Copies of Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts

I’m really excited to give away 3 copies of Kate’s book. To enter, all you need to do is click over to the book’s page to read more about the eBook, and then leave a comment here letting us both know how excited you are to win it and why.

This giveaway begins now and ends next Sunday (9/11/11) at midnight Pacific. I’ll announce the winners next Monday, September 12, 2011.

One entry per person. Open to anyone anywhere with an internet connection, as this is an eBook delivered digitally.

Can’t Wait? Save 25%!

Kate’s offered GNOWFGLINS readers 25% off — saving you about $2 off the normal price of $7.95. Click here to purchase and use coupon code GNOWFGLINSTREAT. This offer is good through Wednesday, September 14, 2011. Thanks, Kate!

So… why do you want to win this book? Leave a comment below to enter the giveaway!

Disclosure: I won’t receive any compensation from purchases of the Just Making Ice Cream eBook that begin here. However, I will earn a small commission from purchases of Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts that begin here.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Heather C says

    Those recipes sound delicious! I’d love to have a resource for the times when I want to make treats for my family that don’t make me feel guilty!

  2. Diane Markesbery says

    I am working to control my Periodic paralysis and have found REAL FOOD is a MAJOR success factor!! having this e book will help me make wonderful desserts for me and my family to enjoy and be healthy!!!!!!

  3. Judy says

    I just found out that I have to be totally gluten free due to an autoimmune disorder, and I’ve been searching for gluten free, but also HEALTHY. This e-book sounds like a wonderful resource.

  4. charity says

    I am excited about this book because I love baking, but want to make it healthy for me and my growing little family. Thanks, Wardee.

  5. says

    The book sounds wonderful! I’m in a total dessert slump, but the book could help it come to life again. It’s difficult to make healthy desserts all the time and come up with new ones, too.
    Btw, I found your site a few weeks back and love it.

  6. Jacqui says

    This ebook is a God-send for me. I have systemic candida, and am on the Body Ecology Diet to cure this problem. Of course, sugar and processed foods, as well as most fruits, gluten and wheat products are out of my diet for now, and I am feeling deprived of sweets. This book will be incorporated as part of my new lifestyle. I have just purchased the complete eCourse book on Fermentation Fundamentals, and I am also making pickles, kombucha, and water kefir. I am glad that I have found this site. Keep up the good work.

  7. says

    I’m so tired of going to parties and dinners where there isn’t a SINGLE dessert I can eat that won’t fill me up with sugar and refined AWFULNESS! I have such an awful sweet tooth, and I hate feeling left out of social situations (like birthdays and holidays) because I won’t want to feel horrible after indulging in sugar, white flour and all manner of fake fats.

  8. Lori A says

    I am always searching for whole food desserts! We cut out refined sugar and flours a couple of years ago and it’s not always easy to convert recipes with consistent results. This cookbook sounds like it would b e a dream come true!

  9. lisa jernigan says

    I would love to win this e-book because I unfortunately have a “sweet-tooth” but would like to feed it in the healthiest way possible. :)

  10. Bethany says

    Awesome! I nabbed my copy of Marillyn’s ice cream ebook the second I saw it was ready! I LOVE dessert, and it’s so nice to have healthier alternatives to the “usual”. Kate’s recipes look divine!

  11. Brittany says

    Wow, all those recipes sound great. Now I’m hungry for something sweet. :) I’d love to win this book!

  12. Liz Hansen says

    I would really enjoy having a larger set of “good for you” desserts to draw on. I would love to win this ebook.
    Thank you for all that you do.

  13. Prepared teacher says

    I have begin to change my life style, more traditional foods, veggies, fruit and homecooking. I am even doing sufferer
    Forms of yoga, Qi Gind and I feel good! However, I love treats and to get a
    Book that has low sugar, non refined ingredients and is all around goose for me sounds great! So I am crossing all fingers, toes and in a few yoga twist positions that I win this book! Thanks for having a giveaway that is good
    For us!

  14. Mama to Boys says

    I have all of Kates books and use them regularly. Thanks to her my husband has come around to the whole no sugar/little grain diet that I felt our family needed and its made a huge difference to our health. I’d love this recipe book to round of my collection 😉

  15. Emily S. says

    I love making dessert for my family, but making healthy desserts that still tastes like dessert can be a daunting task. I would love to win a copy of Kate’s tryed and true recipes.

  16. A8ala says

    I’m always looking for sweet treats that don’t require compromising.
    I’m getting tired of just adding zucchini or cooked apples to everything.

  17. Genevieve says

    I would love to win this so I can start making healthy Cinnamon Rolls for my hubby who is a cinnamon bun addict!

  18. penny thompson says

    I would love to have another good healthy recipe book. Can’t ever have too many. Thanks and have a great day.

  19. Rosie S says

    I can’t drive and public transport is poor where i live so i often invite friends round instead of going visiting. I love to feed my friends so i always try and bake for them, but it’s hard to find reliable recipes that are easy and suit my low sugar diet and also the diets of my friends, a lot of whom also avoid grains or sugar. I’d be very excited if i won this e book because i think it would make sharing real food with friends easier and also more delicious and healthy!

  20. Marjorie says

    I would love this book! Any book with some many yummy more healthful versions of baked goods is a winner in my book.

  21. Kori Ireland says

    Sweets are a huge hang up for me eating heathy. I LOVE my sweets! (too much and working on it, but this would be a huge help!) :-)

  22. Lynne says

    This book has many recipes I think our family would enjoy. I am looking for recipes to satisfy the “sweet tooth” but would like to accomplish this using healthy ingredients! One daughter of ours who is a busy mom of two toddlers, has some food intolerances. I would love to be able to surprise her with some delectable healthy treats when we get together! The sweet treats I see at the store are expensive so being able to make them at home from scratch I think would be easier on the budget.

  23. Kelly says

    As a fairly new “real food convert”, I’d love to have a book like this to make desserts for my family, friends and church family. I have a 2 and a half pound jar of raw honey on my counter just waiting to be put to good use! 😉

  24. Julie says

    Dropping desserts and sweets is one of the hardest things for us in our switch to real food. This book would be an amazing help!

  25. Marilee says

    Oh, this Ebook looks mouthwatering! I’d love to have the chance to win a copy of it, as our family has just started the GAPS diet!

  26. Anitha Nair says

    The recipes look mouth watering!!!! I would love to make some desserts for my son who is on the GAPS diet.

  27. says

    I’ve been looking at this book on Modern Alternative Mama’s blog. I would love to win it, especially for the grain-free and GAPS recipes. =-)

  28. sam says

    as a mama who is in the process of learning, changing & throwing away the garbage in our house….my kids are questioning my motives & wondering why there is less & less of the “yummy” stuff around… so if I could have a way to have “yummies” in the house & yet not cringe whenever they eat them that would be so wonderful!!!!

  29. says

    I would love to win this ebook because I have always felt the need to have a little something sweet to end my day–but after committing to a whole-foods nourishing diet, it is becoming harder and harder to find treats that don’t undermine my lifestyle choices! This book would give me wonderful ideas and would help me kick the last bit of empty calories out of my diet forever!

  30. says

    Well I am throwing my hat in to the ring! I want to win it because I like to make dessert. That simple. More dessert recipes mean more opportunities for dessert. Sounds good to me.

  31. Laura says

    Would love to win this cookbook as the lure of a sweet something is always a stranglehold on us here in this house. Save us, please! :-)

  32. Julie says

    I’ve read about this ebook and am so tempted by it. I’m always trying to tweak and adapt dessert recipes to make them more healthy, I would also love to learn more about using grain free flours in recipes.

  33. Tina says

    I’m always on the lookout for yummy, healthy desserts. We have 3 on GAPS and I would love to transition the rest of the family to a healthier diet. Dessert is a great place to start :-)

  34. Denise says

    I too am reading about the GAPS diet and I think this book would be very helpful for my sweet tooth. Diets just arent any good without some desserts LOL.

  35. Kim Cissell says

    We are brand new to eating real foods and we are having fun tasting cultured dairy products made with the raw milk we discovered. My husband and mother -in-law are both diabetic; we are finding that real food is helping them their blood sugar better. I would love to win this ebook so we can all take another step toward eating better.

  36. Lisa H. says

    I’d love to win this book to see just how desserts are made with natural sweeteners. While I’ve only ever used honey or maple syrup, my “conversion” recipes have always turned out a bit odd…. I’d love expert advice on how to get the amounts and consistencies right.
    We are a family that likes our “odd-looking and odd feeling” sweets, but would like for them to be more consistent.
    Thanks so much!

  37. Erin says

    I enjoy tweaking recipes out there to fit with real food, but how fun to have a book of already tweaked deliciously real recipes ready to go! Sounds fabulous!

  38. Jessica says

    I would love to win this ebook because my hubby loves dessert and I want to please him…yet keep him healthy too!

  39. RG says

    I am not a sweets person, I am more drawn to salty things, but my husband is the opposite. His family has a lot of diabetics and obese people in it. These facts concern me. SO, I would like this book to shower him with sweetsy love, while still offering some nutrition with it, which will be loving to his health. Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. Tracy E. says

    I would love to win it! We just went gluten free the beginning of July and now we are going to go grain free. So I could use all the help I can get to find some great new recipes. :)

  41. says

    I love making desserts, and my hubby loves to eat them, but in the last few years I have really been working hard at making them healthier (white sugar doesn’t live at my house anymore!) and am in need of more ideas and inspiration. This book sounds perfect!

  42. Mel says

    We are going to be starting the Gaps diet this Fall, and this e-book would be so helpful to use during this time and everytime. What great resources to have! Thank-you

  43. Cathy S. says

    I would like to win this book as I was just given the diagnosis of Hashimotos and we just started eating gluten free. This would help tremendously! Thanks!

  44. Kristen Forney says

    id really like to win this book because i really like to make healthy desserts for my family.

  45. Meghan W. says

    I’m coming off of a raw food lifestyle, which I still do a lot of raw food, but have started to go back to a whole foods lifestyle and going back to more traditional ways of baking and cooking again. I’ve always been into using natural sweeteners or cutting the sweetener in recipes and have really gotten into trying to soak my flours and grains overnight or using sprouted grains or even trying my hand at gluten-free. It’s still a work in progress as some things work out and others just don’t when it comes to baked goods, so this would be a great book for me to win.

  46. dione says

    Just starting out on my whole foods journey and my family loves Sunday night desserts after family night…this book would help me in my family’s conversion over to whole foods!

  47. Lori says

    I have mostly cut out sugar, but want to have a recipe book with healthier dessert options for all the occasions that always come up.

  48. Helena from Dresden says

    The greatest challenge for me in eating real food are sweets and desserts. My husband and son love my real-food meals and my sourdough breads, but they really miss good desserts and sweets. I am trying hard to create my own recipes based natural, healthy ingredients, but it’s not always easy. I would just love to win this book, because it would help my family to ‘stay on the right track’ :-).

    Love, Helena

  49. A McCune says

    My family loves sweets and I would love to have real desserts to feed them that use less sugar and still taste great. I am always on the hunt for “winners” that fit this bill and they are often hard to come by…my husband always seems to notice the difference!

  50. Amy says

    I’m about to start myself and my 2 little girls on gaps and I would love to have this ebook where the recipes are already tweeked rather than trying and failing! I find myself turning back to the same few recipes in fear of having another one turn out not so good and wasting precious time and money.

  51. Bethany Wright says

    I’d be super excited to win this ebook. My family has been grain-free (GAPS) for 9 months. Our few standby treats are good … but definitely worn through. I’d love to try these recipes, particularly the pies. :)

  52. elena marshall says

    This is GREAT! I refrain from making dessert and my children get so sad. But I struggle with the fact that typically, desserts have little to no nutritional value. They are usually full of sugar, bad fats, etc….. THIS IS GREAT!!! :o) I really am excited and I know 8 kiddos who will be too!! :o)

  53. Leslie Hickman says

    I would love to win this! Desserts are one area that I really struggle with in our real food journey. I’ve got the main meals down, but the snacks and desserts are a huge challenge and I usually fail and cave in to my old tried and true recipes. Thanks!

  54. says

    Oh, I would love this book! I’m teetering on the edge of going whole hog for real foods, but desserts are really the one thing stopping me. Even if I tried to do without, my husband couldn’t go there. So I would LOVE to have some alternatives!

  55. Dolores says

    I would love to win the Treat Yourself dessert ebook. I have been trying to cut down on our family desserts and would love for healthier alternatives. Especially grain free.

  56. Ali says

    I love the idea of desserts that aren’t full of junk–I am so tired of all the SUGAR!! The idea of lots of grain- and dairy-free options is very exciting–it’s so hard to find a good resource with lots of tasty alternatives!

  57. Susan Dobbins says

    I would love to get a free Sweets cookbook, that features healthy real food, for a change. I have a huge sweet tooth, I am one of those who when upset eat a whole chocolate cake, etc. My kids all like sweets, routinely, where I am a binger, the great sugar addiction in this country. Right now the budget is so tight that there is no room for a bobby pin, so, to win this would be wonderful. I follow your ideas and I am a new comer to real whole food. I got some goats, and one is a milk goat, for the first time in 48yrs, I have drank real whole milk that has not been processed useless. I have some chickens and working on getting this little acreage up to self-sufficiency. I love the newsletter and ideas and I am sure that I will love the ebook as much if not more!!! (Sweet tooth talking there)! I am finally getting it all inside my head and unwrapping the government pushed industrialized foods I have consumed, and everyone else for over 48 yrs of my life!!

  58. Vanessa Watne says

    I love cooking with real food and I’m excited to learn more about how to make our desserts also more healthy from this book! I love that there is no white sugar, white flour or veg. oils to have to substitute out and that she has already experimented in how to make these treats tasty. Looking forward to it!

  59. nida says

    The four dermatologists who have seen me cannot diagnose my skin condition properly. I am reading GAPS book and I have the tendency to believe that my diet, specially the unhealthy sweets could be causing my condition. “Treat yourself’ could help me prepare healthy sweets for myself and could be useful when I start the GAPS diet. Many thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  60. Rachel says

    I need it to convince my husband he will survive on Gaps. (Or survive once we get to the other side of Gaps.)

  61. ruth says

    This book sounds awesome. In a society that seems to worship white flour and sugar combined with the addictive affect that sugar has it is a real lifeline to find cookery books like ‘Treat Yourself: Real Food Desserts’. Following a health scare I have been advised not to eat carbs, sugar, grains. I struggle every day to walk past the bakery, say no politely to the sticky bun morning tea at work and not buy my little Grandson cakes and lollies while out (if its bad for me must be for him to yes?). Discovering recipes that can replace this sweet food but are healthy is a must if you’re trying to sustain a no sugar/grain diet. Ruthy : )

  62. Meg says

    I just found your website this morning and absolutely love it so far! I am vegan and try to eat mostly whole unprocessed foods but have a hard time getting my family and friends to accept my way of eating. I am super excited to make some of your recipes for them (especially the desserts!) and show them that real whole food tastes good!

  63. says

    We have a daughter with Crohn’s disease, as well as six other children. We are a baking family. It is difficult to find treats that everyone can eat. We are told that they all have a high chance of getting Crohn’s, and want to do everything we can to prevent that while still making eating enjoyable.

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  64. says

    I would love to win this book! My young brothers and sister love dessert, but as my parents and I work to eat healthier, I don’t want the little ones to miss out on eating something that I got to enjoy when I was their age. I can’t wait to fix them some of these whole food desserts! Thanks!

  65. Emily says

    We’re always looking for a sweet treat that is still sweet on our bodies! 😉 Would love to see the recipes in this book, and even sweeter is free!! :)

  66. says

    I think this E-book will be a fantastic addition to my knowledge of traditional foods cooking! I think desserts are an easy way to show people how great REAL food can be!

  67. Elizabeth says

    I would absolutely love to win this e-book! My family of 6 started the GAPS intro on Saturday and, needless to say, we are missing our treats!

  68. Jennifer says

    I would like to win this because 1) I am recuperating from a fear of food that tastes sweet and this looks like a healthy way to do it, and 2) our family is trying a no refined carbs menu. Any help out there is appreciated!

  69. Tracy says

    We learned last fall that my kids and I are gluten intolerant. This would be a wonderful resource for me. I haven’t been too successful in the “dessert” category.

  70. says

    This is just awesome!!! :-) The recipe book looks wonderful, and something I really need… lots of healthy and super yummy treats for my crew!!! :-) And just to add… this is a site I have never been to, it looks awesome, I am following on FB now, and I will be back to check out more! :-)
    Charity <

  71. Sarah says

    This looks like a great cookbook! I am just getting into real food, and I have a big sweet tooth. I got married this summer and my husband and I want to stay healthy. I think this book would be a great resource to have in my kitchen!