Just Making Ice Cream eBook: Giveaway!


I’m pretty sure… this is the most delicious and spectacular giveaway I’ve ever hosted. I mean, come on, we’re talking ice cream! Who’s game to win an eBook cookbook with 30 ice cream and gelato recipes, 9 cultured milk recipes, 10 sherbet recipes and 10 sorbet recipes… all from nourishing ingredients?

Listen Live Or Listen Later — Join Me!


This evening, I’m going to be a special guest on the 21st Century HomeKeeper radio show, hosted by Sylvia Britton. Sylvia and I have been online friends for more than 10 years, working and fellowshipping together at her ministry, the Christian HomeKeeper Network. She invited me back to her radio show (I was on in July). We didn’t get to everything we wanted to cover in July, so we’re going to try again. :) The topic is fermenting foods, which both of us really enjoy.

FREE Video: August ’11 Garden Update


July came and went without a garden update and here we are near the end of August. Isn’t that how it goes? This morning, my kids and I made this video slideshow for you, this week’s free video. We hope you enjoy it! It is short and fun — if you’re not normally inclined to stop and watch videos, we invite you to break your rule and watch this one. No? Well, then, this post includes lots of pictures. 😉

FREE Webinar — “Culture Dairy At Home… Easily!”

Think it’s too hard to make your own cultured dairy foods? Wondering why you should bother? Interested but don’t know where to start? I can’t wait to show you how easy it is to do, how good it is for you, and how much money you can save. Please join me for a FREE webinar to learn all this and more. Plus, you’ll get to take home a FREE cultured dairy recipe booklet!

FREE Video: Green Bean Salad


Green beans are in season! We love this easy and delicious green bean salad, flavored with lemon, garlic and olive oil. In this week’s free video, I make a delicious salad using the heirloom Spanish ‘miralda’ climbing beans, grown and seed-saved (for 20 years) by our friends the Olsons with whom we garden.

Real Food On The Road, Part 3

Skillet Waffles

Millie is back with part 3 of the Real Food on the Road series. In Part 1, she shared her overall strategy for planning, preparing and serving real food on 10-day road trip. In Part 2, she inspired us with travel-friendly nourishing, real food main dish salads and slaws. In this Part 3, you’ll see how the “bucket bread” in Sourdough eCourse and Sourdough A to Z eBook (and other sourdough recipes) came in handy for their trip’s bread needs. Thanks again, Millie!

FREE Video: How To Roast Beets


We picked the last of our beets, for this season anyway. We have more growing for the fall. I don’t remember the variety because they were seeds I bought 6 years ago and never expected to be viable anyway. A nice surprise that they really came in! This variety is striped and the colors range from pale to deep orange/pink. They’re lovely. I love to simply roast beets, which is what I demonstrate in this week’s free video.