FREE Video: Easiest Sour Cream EVER

skimming sour cream

We get around 4 gallons of milk per day from our Jersey cow. For our family, this is plenty to make cheese, butter, kefir, ice cream and more — plus we have some to share with friends AND some to clabber (spontaneously sour) for the chickens and dog. I figured out a really easy way to get both clabber for the chickens and sour cream for us, with hardly any work at all. This week’s free video shows you how I do it.

Real Food On The Road, Part 1


You are going to love this series! Millie (who blogs at Real Food for Less Money) is a busy mom juggling alot. Yet, she pulled off a 10-day road trip eating pretty nearly 80% real food, and even more inspiring is that she wants to do it again next year! :) This post is part 1 of what we’re calling her “Real Food On The Road” series. She shares how she planned and prepped for the road trip, including a very candid assessment of weak spots. Stay tuned for at least two more parts!

Join Me: I’m On The Radio Today


This evening, I’m going to be a special guest on the 21st Century HomeKeeper radio show, hosted by Sylvia Britton. We’re going to talk about my family, our homestead, food preservation, food fermenting and anything else we can fit in. :) Sylvia and I have been online friends for more than 10 years, working and fellowshipping together at her ministry, the Christian HomeKeeper Network. I’m looking forward to our visit and hope you’ll join us!

FREE Webinar — “5 Myths of Fermenting Foods”


Sometimes fermented foods get a bad rap and I’m hosting a FREE webinar to get the truth out. What myths are circulating about fermented foods? I’ll give you a few hints. They have to do with flavor, equipment, health, skill, and methods. I can’t tell you any more than that — you’re going to have to join me for this FREE webinar to find out more!

Fermented Raspberry Preserves


My favorite way to preserve berries is to use a tweaked lacto-fermented preserves recipe in Nourishing Traditions. Using lacto-fermentation increases vitamins, enzymes and probiotics, making these preserves even better than the berries alone. What conventional jam can boast that? I will demonstrate these preserves as well as a few variations in the fermenting class.

Traditional, But Not Static


My kitchen may tend toward the traditional, but it is not static. It can’t be the same season to season, in times of plenty or in times of hardship. I can’t possibly keep up nor can I adapt to what God brings my way if sameness is my goal. This has been and will continue to be a hard-won truth for me.