FREE Video: June Garden Tour


We help with a large garden on friends’ property. Three polytunnels sit on what used to be pasture. This allows us to grow earlier and later than usual. But the weeding is a big job because of all the pasture plants that want to come up! In June, we harvested beets, spinach, lettuce, radishes and artichokes. This post includes a video tour of our shared garden. Enjoy!

Free Video: Homemade Fruit Fly Trap


It’s that time of year! Fruit flies go crazy for fermenting foods, and fermenting concoctions are a hallmark of a traditional kitchen. What to do about them? Try my homemade fruit fly trap. It really works — and better yet, it is simple. Watch me put one together in this short, free video. This post also includes the print instructions.

Why You Might Consider The GAPS Diet

Cara Comini

Please welcome Cara from the Health, Home and Happiness blog! She’s here to share with you about the GAPS diet. Ironically, she and I discussed her guest post awhile back. While she was writing her post, I read the GAPS book and was floored. Then I read her post and was amazed how she put into words my impression of its value.

FREE “Fermenting Foods” Webinar (Video Invite)


When you ferment foods, you make them better! Fermented foods, lacto-fermented foods, naturally preserved foods, probiotic foods, cultured foods… heard of these? Wonder what the big deal is — want to dig a little deeper — want to finally get into this? Great! Come to my free webinar on fermenting foods! This post includes a video invitation — from me to you.

Free Video: Homemade Cultured & Flavored Cream Cheese

Learn to make your own homemade flavored cream cheese, and you’ll never buy another tub again. Sure, the grocery store flavors taste good — but these taste fabulous (and are more healthy). Plus, there’s no limit to what flavors you can try! In this video excerpt from the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese eCourse, I show you how to make Onion-Chives or Cinnamon-Walnut cream cheese.

How to Wax Cheese


Waxing cuts down on mold and putrefying bacteria’s access to cheese while it ages, and it also prevents cheese from drying out too much. I put off trying waxing as long as I could simply because I didn’t want to use wax. And until we had a cow, we could keep up with the cheeses I made from our goat’s milk — so no need to wax or put up cheese for off-season. Fast forward to now. Getting 4 to 5 gallons of milk a day means I make alot of cheese. So… learn to wax, I must. And I did!

Spring Quinoa Salad


When the warmer weather settles in — which it hasn’t quite here, still raining — I start making lots of cold grain salads. My favorite grain to use is quinoa. The salads are a satisfying, yet light and cool, main dish and can boast of including virtually anything you’ve got on hand.