Naturally Pickled, Lacto-Fermented Radishes


Scraping the bottom of the jar. These naturally pickled radishes are that good. In about two weeks, we’ll be harvesting radishes from our garden and you know I’ll be making more. The brine is just about the prettiest I’ve seen. And the nutrition? Can’t be beat. This is a recipe adapted from Nourishing Days’ cookbook, Simple Food {for spring}.



My family and I are gardening this year, our first garden since 2006. We are beyond excited to be doing it again. But we wouldn’t be doing it at all if not for our friends Kerry and Beth Olson, who always put in a big garden. They asked us if we would work for food — and of course we said yes!

Free Video: When to Add Starter Cultures (Cheese)


Most cheese recipes tell you to wait on adding the starter culture until the milk gets to temperature — leaving it vulnerable to other cultures often found in a traditional kitchen (like sourdough, water kefir, dairy kefir, Kombucha, etc.). In this video and post, I show and tell when to add starter cultures — to give milk protection and ensure better cheese results!