Free Video: Healthy Homemade Popcorn!

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Our healthy homemade popcorn tastes amazingly just like the theater — but without any of the guilt! Not a highly-processed or trans-fat vegetable oil to be found.

For popping oil, I use the traditional red palm oil, an oil similar to olive oil. It contains vitamin A & vitamin E and is about 50% saturated fat (don’t be scared) — yet unlike olive oil, the smoke point is high, which means it doesn’t smoke or burn when making popcorn.

Enjoy the free weekly video, which my son and I made last week. He did all the work!

Looking for the popcorn instructions in print form? I dug them out of my archives and here they are (just for you).

How do you make your popcorn? What are your favorite toppings?

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. says

    Oh I am definitely a popcorn fan but don’t eat it very often. Normally I use coconut oil to pop it. What does the red palm oil taste like? I think I’d like to give it a try one day.

    • says

      Soli – Well, unbelievably on popcorn it makes it taste just like the theater. When I use it to refry rice or quinoa, it is a bit spicy and fragrant, but not overpowering (to me). I’m not so good describing flavors. I can’t imagine anyone not liking it!

      • says

        Now I just need to find a source for it I can afford. Since it’s only two adults in my house a big tub like yours doesn’t make sense.

  2. Martha Bisharat says

    What a darling video! C. is so cute, as always( and you too of course)! His hair is very healthy, and growing again so fast! Love you, Mom

  3. Valerie says

    I would also like to know what the red palm oil tastes like. Also, where did you get the little pot you melted your butter in and the big bags for the popcorn?

    • says

      Valerie — I described the taste as best as I could up in my answer to Soli. :) The little pot was a thrift store find of my mom. It is a Dansk ceramic coated iron pot — so cute! I’d say it holds 2 cups? And the big bags are paper sacks from the grocery store.

  4. Amy says

    Oh Wardee – great video, thanks! C. is so cute!!! :) I want to try this out soon – I have trouble with popping corn. I use coconut oil (but now want to try the palm oil!), and like the idea of covering with a towel. What kind of popcorn do you use – anything specific? I have a hard time getting my kernels to pop, I thought maybe it was the dry climate? I’ve used a variety of different kernels, too. Thanks! :)

  5. says

    I use a combination of coconut oil and ghee when I make popcorn, and it’s the best popcorn I’ve ever had, even better than “movie theatre butter”. I don’t put any extra oil/butter on afterward because it makes it soggy. Even still, the popcorn tastes terrific because I used a lot of the oil in the beginning and that seems to coat all the kernels with a nice, buttery flavor without the sogginess. This is a tasty way to get the good fat into your diet.

    I’ve been wanting to try palm oil for a really long time. I just bought a big tub of it and can’t wait to use it woo hoo! The palm oil popcorn totally looks like the movie theatre too!

  6. RobinP says

    That looks SO GOOD! We love popcorn here, but I use a hot air popper then drizzle some of my raw milk butter and salt. I had some red palm oil once upon a time and didn’t use it much. Do you know what the shelf life is for this oil?

  7. Maureen says

    Wardee and C.,

    I love the video! I want to try the red Palm oil now too!

    I found a Whirly Pop at a garage sale one day and have grown to appreciate it sooo much. No need to shake the pan anymore… the little mechanism inside you simply crank while the pot is on the heat keeps the kernels coating and moving so you never seem to have any burn. It’s fantastic and it is still very friendly to our traditional mindset since there is no electricity needed.

    The above vid is a bit long (about 7 min) but it might be fun for some of you to watch. I recommend it whole heartedly as it makes popcorn night worry free and we have never gotten a bad batch. It’s practically effortless.

    I use coconut oil too but have never tried palm oil. I will definitely give it a try.

    Thanks for the fun video!


  8. says

    This looks great. I need to try this the next time we’re in the mood for “butter” popcorn. I didn’t think about putting it in a paper bag either. Btw, has anyone tried making kettle corn using coconut oil and coconut sugar? Was wondering if it makes a good kettle corn. I think I may experiment and give it a try. :)

  9. Sue Rine says

    Hi Wardee and C.. Great video. I’ve always just used butter to pop our corn but it does tend to burn. The only question I have is about Palm oil. It’s quite a big deal here in NZ because our farmers use a lot of Palm Kernel Extract (PKE) to feed their cows. This is the ‘waste’ after extracting the palm oil. My understanding is that the palm oil industry is leading to widespread deforestation of tropical rainforest so I have gone right off using it, not wanting to be responsible for destroying someone else’s ‘place’. Sorry to sound negative when I do love your approach to all that our creator has given.

    • says

      Sue Rine — That’s really interesting. And sad. I’m glad you pointed that out.

      When we first got red palm oil from Wilderness Family Naturals, I contacted them to find out the source of their oil. They assured me they were acquiring oil from small family farms that were not contributing to rain forest deforestation. I have no reason to doubt WFN as they’ve shown themselves to be a trustworthy company — however, it would be good to verify the ‘source’ of whatever oil one chooses to use!

      • Sue Rine says

        Hi again,
        That’s good to hear. Some years ago I bought 25kg solid white palm oil from the place I get my other organic supplies. I’ve been scared off since all the publicity about it, but I guess I should check their exact source. It was from Columbia but I need a bit more info. Thanks for your response. I certainly liked the results of baking with Palm oil. Even better than butter.

  10. says

    I’ll have to try the red palm oil. I actually found that if i put the salt in the oil in the pan with the popcorn, it distributes it quite well.

  11. Corri says

    Yay! Loved this video. We have made popcorn on the stove since I was a child. Love to see the traditions being passed down to other generations. Nice job C.! I am also going to give the palm oil a try. Is there a reason you don’t use a local source for your oils? Mountain Rose Herbs is in Eugene, although I am happy to find another source to buy our oils from as well. I just wondered and didn’t mean any disrespect with the question :) Thanks for this website! I’ve been looking for a place where God is given the glory for a natural lifestyle!

  12. Millie Watkins says

    This is the ‘waste’ after extracting the palm oil. It is a Dansk ceramic coated iron pot — so cute!

  13. Julia says

    Thanks for the video! My 7 year old nephew and I made some this weekend- when I told him what we were having for a snack he said ” But where is your microwave?” I told him I don’t have one and we were making it on the stove the old fashioned way! We used organic white corn popped in organic coconut butter, topped with melted butter and himalayan pink salt….amazingly good! My nephew got a real kick out of it. He measured the corn, poured it in the pan, I worked the pan on the burner. My stock pot has a clear glass lid, so it was a treat being able to watch the popcorn pop!

  14. Wendy says

    The oil I saw you (red palm) was liquid. Mine is solid. I have to melt it when using. Then when it cools for awhile it solidifies again. Is there a difference?

  15. Kristin Humphrey Benini via Facebook says

    My son is allergic to corn. I’m looking forward to trying the method with popping sorghum. I have done it with popcorn twice for my husband and it’s delicious.

  16. Erin Eisenman Turner via Facebook says

    Thanks! We use coconut oil and like it but now I’m excited to try this! Your son did a great job!! :)

    • Joy says

      Laura, I was introduced to Tiny But Mighty Popcorn by my chiropractor’s wife. That stuff is GREAT! It is an “ancient heirloom popcorn” revived over that last 20 years by one family so it cannot be GMO :) Read their interesting story and, may I suggest, try a bag at

      Also, this popcorn has softer hulls that allow many who haven’t been able to eat popcorn because of diverticulitis to enjoy the treat again. (It says this on the website somewhere and is confirmed by experience through my chiro’s wife.)

      I don’t have any connection to TBM but I am certainly a customer!!

    • Dolores says

      I had read that no Popcorn is GMO…yet, anyway ? :( If anyone has heard differently…I would really like to know….

  17. Joy says

    I LOVE this video. Your son is so cute and personable. :)
    Thanks for the tip on the red palm oil. I’ve been using coconut oil for stovetop popping but, because I try to keep it from smoking, I don’t cook long enough for all the kernels to pop. The higher smoke point really interests me.

  18. Joy says

    Update: I purchased and tried this red palm oil and here are my observations.

    It’s a pretty nice product. For those of us who have been using coconut oil it’s kind of a toss up. The flavor we’ve come to love isn’t there but it is still good, doesn’t smoke as readily and cleanup is easier in my opinion. The coconut oil needs to be wiped out of the pan before washing or it doesn’t wash well – even in the dishwasher. –I’ve been using alot more paper towels lately. :-( The red palm oil emulsifies readily in warm water especially with a little soap so easy cleanup.

    I’ve tried the red palm oil for frying other things and it works well as long as you don’t mind the yellow tint. Of course it’s a great way to cover up turmeric you may be sneaking into everything possible. 😉

  19. Jasmine Faith via Facebook says

    Yum! I cook it in a combination of coconut oil and butter. Then sprinkle with some Celtic sea salt. So good!

  20. Jennifer Dowdell Allison via Facebook says

    What other oil can be used? I have olive and coconut would that work?

  21. Theresa Rose via Facebook says

    <3 Really enjoyed this video and the popcorn looks delicious! Look forward to making some this way! Yummy! <3

  22. Joy Muscato via Facebook says

    You have no idea how often I thank you for a previous posting of this popcorn article I love the palm kernel oil for popping corn and other uses. I purchased a stovetop whirlypop type popper and, like I said, thank you every time I use it because the clean up after the palm kernel oil is so simple!!! And the flavor is great too. :)

  23. Jolene Braybrook via Facebook says

    I use rice bran oil and top with pink Himalayan salt, I find myself having to make a batch every second day, it doesn’t last long in my house!

  24. Cindy Landskron via Facebook says

    Haha, Wardee, how about an update on this? Your son is probably taller than you now I bet!

  25. Cindy Landskron via Facebook says

    I have red palm. Will have to try it. But we’ve been using an air popper because it’s less messy and no one gets burned.

  26. Matt N Tiffy Mobley via Facebook says

    Sweet video! I have never tried red palm oil. I hear it has a distinct taste that takes getting use to.

  27. says

    Thank you for sharing this great recipe! We usually use organic palm shortening from Tropical Traditions for frying. Is this good to do so, or would you recommend using the red palm oil instead? We cook Mexican food at least once a week and use the palm shortening with that as well.

  28. Wendy Lesovsky via Facebook says

    How can you have ignored the most important ingredient? Organic!! The best reason of all for making your own popcorn is to make organic so no GMOs!

  29. Anna Griffin Kirkland via Facebook says

    We had popcorn popped in coconut oil and sprinkled generously with nutritional yeast, organic cheese powder and salt for lunch today with banana “milkshakes”.

  30. Heather Olsson says

    Every Sunday I pop our popcorn in coconut oil, pour melted grass fed unsalted butter over it and sprinkle it with Celtic sea salt and nutritional yeast. It is one of my favorite snacks.
    I ran out of coconut oil this week so I used my own processed organic lard…next I’m gonna try the red palm oil. Great idea.

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