New! “Sourdough A to Z” eBook Giveaway


I hardly sleep when I’m working on something. And that something the past two weeks has been compiling the documents from the Sourdough eCourse into one loaded, convenient, inspirational, comprehensive “Sourdough A to Z” eBook. Yes, the 150-page eBook is all that and more! I’m giving away 3 copies this week — and check the post for details on how you can get a FREE eCourse thank you video!

Sweet Like Honey


“Have you found honey? Eat only as much as you need, lest you be filled with it and vomit.” –Proverbs 25:16. The literal meaning is pretty clear. Eat too much honey and you’ll feel sick. I’ve been there — haven’t we all? But metaphorically, could God be suggesting we avoid excess consumption of other “sweet” things?

Free Video: Simple Tool — Scottish Spurtle


A local friend gave me my spurtle — a 15th century Scottish kitchen tool. After all her years with one, she knew the basic shape and length that worked best. So she asked a local woodcarver to make her a bunch. She designed them and he made them in a lovely red wood. I was touched to receive one and I think it is fabulous. This post also includes a super short free video, showing you just three ways I use my spurtle on a daily basis.

4 No-Wait Sourdough Recipes

Impossible Sourdough Cheese Pie

Usual routine when souring flour: mix dough, let sour for 8 hours, finish dough, cook. Now, that’s not hard. But what if I said you could skip the whole sour-for-at-least-8-hours-thing, yet put the same quality of nourishing food on the table? In other words, without the wait? You can and I just did (say it). Yes, it can be done! Easily. Deliciously. Nourishingly.

Free Video: Kefir/Yogurt Cheese Balls


In today’s free video and recipe, I show you a traditional Middle Eastern method of preserving yogurt cheese that requires no refrigeration. My grandmother and namesake, Tata Wardee, who has passed away, always had jars full of yogurt cheese balls available to add to our plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner!