17 Healthy-er Valentine’s Day Treats

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Looking for something healthy-er to serve your loved ones on Valentine’s Day? While super delicious, these 17 desserts are just healthy-er because they are still sweet. (Upgrading the grains and fats and adding secret ingredients only does so much.) I’m all for infrequent indulgences, as long as we greatly reduce our day to day sweetening. You’ll find something to love here!

My Healthy-er Treat Picks

I pulled these family favorite treats from my archives. Enjoy!

marbled fudge

This marbled fudge is very, very good and makes excellent use of coconut butter.

chocolate sourdough cake

Have you tried my chocolate sourdough cake with (probiotic) cream cheese frosting?

chocolate torte

If you haven’t yet tried Erin’s soaked chocolate torte with citrus yogurt cheese frosting, you should. (The frosting is probiotic!)

Spelt Lemon Cake

My spelt lemon cake can be made with sprouted or soaked flour (I recommend spelt or whole wheat pastry). It may look plain, but take note: once the cake is baked, you pour a fresh lemon juice syrup over all and it soaks in, permeating the cake with ribbons of slightly tart lemon syrup. So the delicious drizzle is inside and boy, is it ever scrumptious! This is my favorite cake ever.

And not on this blog, but definitely one of our favorites: Avivah’s Peanut Butter Cups. I double the chocolate layer and omit the nut meal entirely. Also, I keep the honey at about half what’s written. There’s nothing like these!

That’s it for my selections. Visit my Desserts category for more!

Blog Friends’ Healthy-er Treat Picks

I gathered these treats for you by asking some of my blog friends to share their favorites. Mmm… I wish I could host a real-life sampling, don’t you? :)

Michele at Frugal Granola suggests her Chocolate Nut Truffles. She says to use real cream — it makes a difference! Use soaked crispy nuts to minimize the enzyme inhibitors.

Wendy, The Local Cook, shares her Secret Chocolate Cake, reportedly rich and decadent with two surprise ingredients.

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Sarah from Heartland Renaissance offers her classic gluten-free, flourless chocolate brownies which can use alternative sweeteners. (Pictured above, photo credit Sarah Warren.)

Sharon — Keeper of the Home contributing author — created a Sweetheart’s Breakfast of healthy oatmeal-whole wheat pancakes and homemade pancake syrup. This would be a wonderful love gesture first thing in the morning!

Diana from A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa says this Naturally Sweetened German Chocolate Cake is her husband’s fave. I think my husband would agree… 😉 Her cake uses coconut flour, making it gluten-free.

Kate, the Modern Alternative Mama, has three suggestions for you: a grain-free chocolate fudge cake, GAPs-friendly chocolate almond coconut candy, and GAPs-friendly and grain-free white bean vanilla cake.

vanilla kefir ice cream

Donielle of Naturally Knocked Up brings you her grain-free brownies and vanilla kefir ice cream. I make my kefir ice cream just about the same way — you’ll get to see it in the Cultured Dairy and Basic Cheese eCourse. (Ice cream pictured above, credit: Donielle Baker.)

And last but not least, Marillyn Beard from Just Making Noise — she’s an ice cream queen — gives you: Chunky Strawberry Chocolate Ice Cream. But she makes other sweet treats, too, like these Double Chocolate Velvet Pancakes and Sweet Chocolate Pudding (raw, gluten-free, and contains a surprise creamy ingredient!).

What are your favorite healthy-er Valentine’s Day treats? Feel free to link to a blog post in the comments, or add your recipe right here. Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Pam Groom says

    For my family I put a large batch of sweetened banana strawberry kefir smoothie in the ice cream maker to make probiotic icecream. I was busy after that, so I bought chocolate heart shells at the grocers to serve the cream in to make it extra special.

  2. Nicole says

    Thank you for posting these! I made the peanut butter cups and while super rich, they are great. It came at the perfect time too because my friend who loves reese’s pb cups is suffering with some severe digestive issues right now and I made these for her so she could have a natural treat for V-day! She loved them! And I can’t wait to try the lemon cake! I just made one with white flour and reg sugar last week for my daughter b-day, and it was delicious, but I’m glad to see a healthier whole food version!!!

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