Tuesday Twister

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Share Your Tuesday Twister Post – New With Thumbnails!

Show us your GNOWFGLINS – God’s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally and in season. I’m eager to see what’s been cooking in your kitchens over the last week! Share what you’ve been making and doing through words and/or pictures.

If reading this via email, visit this post to see the list of linked blogs. Wondering if this blog carnival is for you? Read 5 Reasons To Do The Tuesday Twister. To participate, make a Tuesday Twister post on your blog. Include a link to this post. Then add your post to the Linky Tools box (above). Thumbnails come automatically from your blog post, or you can upload a special one. Leave a comment on this post and then visit the other posts that are linked up. Thanks, all!

This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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    Thanks for hosting Wardee! I brought some delicious healthy pancakes to the party. The bananas are not local for me, but the majority of the ingredients were. Have a good day!


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    I wanted to lighten things up with this fresh mex flatbread pizza!! Living in South Florida…even the tomatoes are local and in season for me right now. In fact, I’ll be picking some later today at my grandparent’s house.

    Thanks for hosting!!

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    Hi Wardee! The links are all looking really delicious – I’m looking forward to visiting them. I’ve linked up my easy and delicious omelette recipe – there is a slight twist in how it is prepared. Thank you for hosting!

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    This post on beet kvass is from fall, but I still have some beets in the root cellar and this is a good way to use up roots that may be a little wilted from storage.

    Thanks for hosting!

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    I shared my Super Bowl snacks. All homemade, using nourishing ingredients. I even made little homemade wheat-and-spelt buns for the mini-burgers!

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    Thanks for allowing us all to share. I get so excited about what I am doing I want to tell others! It is also great to see what others are doing, especially you. Yoh have mad-cheese skills, girl. I am so impressed.

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    This is a variation for Chinese dumplings/potstickers, otherwise known as gyozas! But I made them using sourdough pasta dough instead of white flour, and it makes for a much denser, but more umami wrapper(:

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    Thanks for hosting Wardee!
    I blogged about the amazing health benefits of bone broths plus a slow cooker recipe for a ginger chicken soup that even the busiest families can incorporate into their schedules.


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