“Miracle Walk” Video


The month of February has almost passed by and I neglected to tell you anything about this month’s eCourse thank you video! My son C. and I took Miracle — a new baby goat — for a walk in our big, bad woods. You get to meet Miracle (and hear why she bears that name) and her mom, Fiddlesticks (our favorite goat who also happens to be 3-legged). We enjoyed giving you this peek into our homestead.

Soaked or Sprouted Crepes

Crepes are definitely a go-to staple in our house. Either I have extra sourdough starter sitting around to make an instant batch of sourdough crepes, or I toss some flour (can be sprouted) in a bowl to soak with milk and acid… and we have crepes in about 8 hours. There’s really nothing to it. This post also includes many ideas for incorporating crepes in your meal planning. Share your crepe uses in the comments!

Free Video: Easy Butter Molds

Out of the mold

Welcome to the first free weekly video at GNOWFGLINS! I show you two easy ways for molding homemade cultured butter — one method doesn’t use a mold at all, and the second uses an antique butter mold. This is a short excerpt from the cultured butter lesson of the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese eCourse.