“Miracle Walk” Video


The month of February has almost passed by and I neglected to tell you anything about this month’s eCourse thank you video! My son C. and I took Miracle — a new baby goat — for a walk in our big, bad woods. You get to meet Miracle (and hear why she bears that name) and her mom, Fiddlesticks (our favorite goat who also happens to be 3-legged). We enjoyed giving you this peek into our homestead.

Soaked or Sprouted Crepes

Crepes are definitely a go-to staple in our house. Either I have extra sourdough starter sitting around to make an instant batch of sourdough crepes, or I toss some flour (can be sprouted) in a bowl to soak with milk and acid… and we have crepes in about 8 hours. There’s really nothing to it. This post also includes many ideas for incorporating crepes in your meal planning. Share your crepe uses in the comments!

Free Video: Easy Butter Molds

Out of the mold

Welcome to the first free weekly video at GNOWFGLINS! I show you two easy ways for molding homemade cultured butter — one method doesn’t use a mold at all, and the second uses an antique butter mold. This is a short excerpt from the cultured butter lesson of the Cultured Dairy & Basic Cheese eCourse.

Red Meat Winter Stew


I created this stew the very first day we ate goat. It is a keeper in our family. The little bit of mint hearkens to my Middle Eastern upbringing. Oh, and you do not have to use goat! Use whatever red meat you have, wild or otherwise: lamb, beef, buffalo, venison, elk. This post also contains a giveaway for the “Simple Food {for winter}” eBook.

Tuesday Twister

Welcome to the Tuesday Twister! Link up your Tuesday Twister post, where you share what’s been cooking in your kitchen the last week. Feel free to share in the comments about your week if you don’t have a blog. So, come on, let’s share what’s twisting in our GNOWFGLINS’ kitchens!