Tuesday Twister

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Share Your Tuesday Twister Post – New With Thumbnails!

Show us your GNOWFGLINS – God’s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally and in season. I’m eager to see what’s been cooking in your kitchens over the last week! Share what you’ve been making and doing through words and/or pictures.

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This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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    Thanks for hosting! How is milking going? Our cow just wean her calf and dried up all on her own the past few days. She is expecting a calf in the next few weeks. It will be our first and we are really excited!

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      Hi, Megan! That’s pretty wonderful that your cow weaned her own calf! I hope the upcoming birth goes well. Please keep in touch and let me know.

      The miking is going well. However, our little calf is a too-wonderful eater. We’re having to separate them at night or we don’t get any milk. ;)

      Your advice on the milking was so helpful. Ever since you mentioned it (giving me the courage to do it) I have been milking really close up and holding the bucket between my knees. I honestly think of you and give thanks to God for you every time I’m out in that barn!

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    Hi Wardee,
    Thanks for hosting and Happy New Year!
    I’m sharing a recipe for mixed nuts granola (grain free), also a great way to use up egg whites.

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    Thanks for hosting! I’m linking up a chickpea and couscous recipe, although I ended up using quinoa instead of couscous as I couldn’t find the couscous that I KNOW is in my pantry somewhere ;-) The quinoa was very tasty.

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    Thank you for hosting us Wardee! Oh my, I see lots of great things this week on Tuesday Twister~ off now to check them out. Happy New Year everyone!!

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    I’m sharing a recipe for lamb with herbes de provence. It’s a super simple recipe and can be made for any night and served even to company.


    Thanks for hosting, Wardee!! :)

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    Hi Wardee baby! Happy new year to you and your lovely family and all your furry friends! Hope you are doing well. Sorry to link up so late this week, but I just got back from our second holidays at my husband’s family up north and just getting back to normal. This week I am linking a recipe for hot salad. I literally cooked a tossed salad because it had wilted, and the results were delicious! Very frugal because I probably would have thrown it away because my family wont eat wilted salad, so it was definitely a wonderful suprise! Thanks for hosting. Wishing you all the best in the new year! hugs! Alex


  1. [...] Wahoo! Freshly ground, whole wheat flour. It smells amazing when it’s fresh and warm! It’s been a long time coming- no more stale flour for us! I wiped everything off with a dry towel- easy clean up. Tonight I will dream of all my upcoming grain mill adventures…I can’t wait! Do you have a grain mill? What is your favorite kind of grain to mill and use? This post is a part of: Tuesday Twister [...]

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