Get to know your food.


With these last pictures I post in 2010 — also the pictures that *almost* didn’t get posted at all this year — I issue you a challenge. (Call it a friendly suggestion for a New Year’s resolution, or if you don’t “do” those, call it what you like.) In 2011, I challenge you to …

God Bless Your New Year


Day to day we can wonder if we’re really going anywhere, or whether we’re just spinning our wheels. But stepping back and surveying larger amounts of time (such as whole years), it is much easier to see God’s hand in the events of our lives. The Lord blessed me and mine continually with His grace and provision. I’m grateful for every good and hard lesson of the last year. I’m also thankful for many who have contributed to the growth and community at GNOWFGLINS this year. Please come back tomorrow to see the pictures that *almost* didn’t get posted in 2010.

Beyond Sustainable Radio, Part 2


Jerri asked me back for a part 2 on her internet radio show, Beyond Sustainable. Last week was fun, but oh, how the time flew! We didn’t get to talk at all about cheesemaking, one of the main topics in my upcoming cultured dairy and basic cheesemaking class (beginning first week of February 2011). So that’s the subject of today’s show — in a little over an hour.

Tuesday Twister

Welcome to the Tuesday Twister! Link up your Tuesday Twister post, where you share what’s been cooking in your kitchen the last week. Feel free to share in the comments about your week if you don’t have a blog. So, come on, let’s share what’s twisting in our GNOWFGLINS’ kitchens!

Merry Christmas!


World-wide and far apart — yet united by our shared love, joy, and faith — we can together celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus. What a privilege to know and worship Him with you and your family! Thank you for blessing us this year with your friendship and support. May God bless your Christmas gatherings, and fill your hearts with gladness in His birth. With much love, the Harmon Family

I’m on “Beyond Sustainable” Internet Radio Show


Please join me! Today I’ll be the first guest on the brand-new internet radio show, Beyond Sustainable. This one-hour weekly show is hosted by my good friend Jerri Bedell of Homesteader Supply. We’re going to visit about homesteading, our online business, and the upcoming cultured dairy class. When is the free show? Today at 11am PST. Or come on by later to download the free mp3 recording.