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Every once in awhile, I feel the need to do a post that lets everyone know what’s up and what’s coming. Events come and go, overlapping and passing, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on something that would be helpful. So consider this our current “heads-up” post, if you will.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), pizza’s on the menu in the Sourdough eCourse. Along with pizza pockets. And breadsticks. Erin’s husband Mike makes an appearance to help test the crunch factor of Erin’s gorgeous sourdough pizzas. You will love this lesson!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is the appetizer course for the real food progressive dinner, Whole Foods for the Holidays. You’ll find that course at Katie’s Kitchen Stewardship blog. Based on last week’s participation in the soup course, I expect there to be lots of fabulous appetizers submitted for your reading and browsing pleasure! By the way, the linkys for the various courses will be open into December, so feel free to come back any time to add posts or comments.

whole foods for the holidays

Katie at Kitchen Stewardship is having a blow-out end-of-season sale on the Family Camping Handbook (eBook). It is 50% off, which she’s not done before and won’t do again until next fall. And what is 50% off an already affordable $4.95? That’s right — $2.50! But, take note. The deal is good for the first 250 purchasers only, and only until midnight tonight. Did you notice the former teacher’s theme there? :) $2.50 for the first 250 on the 25th! Isn’t she clever? Click here to grab the ebook now before time or supplies run out. Use the coupon code: ENDOFSEASON.

Last 6 days for crockpot soap video — this month’s thank you video for qualifying eCourse payments. It will be up until around midnight on Sunday, October 31st. eCourse members, to grab access to this set of 3 videos (totaling 1 hour), visit your account to make a payment.

Giveaway for Modern Alternative Mama’s Real Food Basics eBook ends on Tuesday evening, the 26th. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday the 27th. The eBook is full of Kate’s recipes for dishes we all love made healthy — like french fries, sausage gravy and cheesy potatoes. Click here to enter the giveaway. Or click here to purchase it now for 25% off through Thursday, October 28 (use coupon code: GNOWFGLINS25).

Last week to get the “secret” video, our thank you gift for taking the eCourse Member Survey. Members, log in to the private eCourse site, then look in the sidebar for directions. To get the secret video (which you will love!), take the 5-minute survey and update your member profile. Easy-peasy. Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey already. We’re thankful for your feedback and for giving us the opportunity to work for you. I plan on highlight some of the results for you all soon. Note: That’s a screenshot below, not the video! :)

Well, wasn’t that alot of stuff? Hopefully you found some of it helpful. I’ll see you tomorrow for our regular Tuesday feature, the Tuesday Twister. And now, I’m off to the kitchen for a full day of filming! Have a blessed week, all!

This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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  1. Alicia says

    Thank you Wardee for all you do! Can’t wait to see the new videos!!! I am so enjoying your courses and will be making another payment this week! May God richly bless you!

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