3 Delicious and Healthy Appetizers

4 Easy Raw Cheese Recipes | Are you interested in raw cheese-making? I've tried a handful of recipes, and four of them I make over and over again. These are the cheeses that we eat daily (and that also populate my freezer) offering all the benefits of raw cultured milk, such as beneficial bacteria and enzymes. None of these cheeses go over 93 degrees Fahrenheit; they can still be called raw with the enzymes and bacteria intact. | GNOWFGLINS.com

The crunchiest, best tortilla chips ever, an herb dip with tangy flavor (not to mention a secret healthy ingredient) and tasty, chunky black bean spread. What do they all have in common? Why, they’re some of my favorite appetizers — and I’m pleased to share them in the appetizer course of the real food progressive dinner, Whole Foods for the Holidays!

Tuesday Twister

Welcome to the Tuesday Twister! Link up your Tuesday Twister post, where you share what’s been cooking in your kitchen the last week. Feel free to share in the comments about your week if you don’t have a blog. So, come on, let’s share what’s twisting in our GNOWFGLINS’ kitchens!

A Heads-Up Post


Every once in awhile, I feel the need to do a post that lets everyone know what’s up and what’s coming. Events come and go, overlapping and passing, and I don’t want anyone to miss out on something that would be helpful. So consider this our current “heads-up” post, if you will. You’ll want to read it to make sure you’re caught up!

RFNH: Chapter 7 Discussion


A simple and thought-provoking chapter on grains and legumes. I had some questions about what the Bible tells us of the agricultural history of the world, so I did a little digging. Please share anything you know about the history of agriculture, how you liked this chapter, and/or what you learned. If you’re not caught up in this study, no worries. This is about what works for you, and we’ll be here when you’re ready.

Real Food Basics: eBook Giveaway and Coupon


Would you like to make your family’s favorite dishes — like roast chicken, sausage gravy, or chicken noodle soup — but good for you, not to mention fabulously delicious? Would you be interested in healthy cheese sauce, cheesy potatoes or french fries? I thought so. Visit this post for a chance at winning just such a resource — the eBook, Real Food Basics.

Whole Foods For The Holidays: Soups

Welcome to the soups course of the real food progressive dinner: Whole Foods for the Holidays. Come on in, check out the other nourishing soup recipes, and submit your own soup recipes. Let’s make this a fabulous progressive dinner, one that will inspire us with healthy and delicious whole food holiday dishes!