New Puppy, Frosting, LFs, Eggs

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This is my Tuesday Twister post, where I share what’s been happening in my GNOWFGLINS kitchen over the last week. To see what others are making or to participate in the Tuesday Twister blog carnival, visit this week’s Tuesday Twister post.

We’ve had a busy and hot week! The biggest news of our week is that we got a puppy, from Olympic Dogs. She’s a doll. Her name is Areli, unless we change it (which we might). More on her for Simple Lives Thursday — how we’re feeding her and how we’re training her.

I made cream cheese frosting using my homemade soft cheese — it was amazing! That recipe is coming soon. (Or if you’re in the Sourdough eCourse, you can get it in the sourdough cakes forum thread.)

We took chocolate sourdough cake to our friend Jami‘s house for a barbeque last week. She treated us to grass-fed steaks and hamburgers, along with watermelon (C. was sooo happy). We brought probiotic potato salad, sourdough spelt hamburger buns, and of course — that cake. :)

The Farmers’ Market boasted 4 farmers last week! I was a very happy shopper and brought home lots of pickling cukes and green beans. I finally got to try some lacto-ferments that have been on my mind, as well as remake some staples. From left to right: Sarah’s dilly beans, Kristen’s pickle relish, Peggy’s garlic-dill pickles, my mayonnaise, and Erin’s ketchup.

The relish is wonderful, the pickles are amazing. I can tell the dilly beans are going to be amazing from my taste-tests, but they’re still not done.

And eggs…. We usually pick up quite a supply when in town from our egg farmers. But last week, a neighbor gave us 5 dozen, too. We were swimming in eggs. It was good timing, though, because we’ve been busy with puppy, milking goats, fencing, and cheese-making — plus its been really, really hot here. Eggs are easy and don’t require much heat. We’ve had many delicious egg meals, and I’ve tried to vary how they’re prepared so we don’t get bored. I feel an egg post coming on…. In the meantime, here is just one way we ate eggs — as my mom-in-love calls them — Angel Eggs.

So that’s it for me! What’s been twisting in your kitchen over the last week? Head over to today’s Tuesday Twister post to link your post up or visit the other Tuesday Twister posts.

I’m sharing this post with Two for Tuesdays.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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    Oh I am *so* ready to make more of that relish! I bought a ton of cucumbers at the farmer’s market last week for just that purpose, with the intent of making several quart-sized jars at once and freezing all but one of them. Better get to it before the cucumbers go bad…

  2. says

    Kristen — Freezing is a good idea, thanks! I will do that, if I can get more cucumbers. Some weeks, no farmers show up at the Market.

    Anyway, we LOVE the relish — great recipe. Hope you get to those cucumbers. Thankfully, they don’t spoil that fast.

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    Lots of fun haps in your life this week! That pup is so adorable. And the cake & frosting have my mouth watering! Thanks so much for sharing with Two for Tuesdays this week :)

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    Yah, you sure have been busy Wardee! What kind of pup is Areli? I like that name, very cutie! I am laughing cause we were at a family reunion this weekend with arguments over WHO’s deviled eggs are actually the family recipe! Can’t tell because even my mother in law keeps changing hers! My husband’s cousin brings her pastured eggs which is always nice, but she has to remember to let them age a bit so we can make the boiled ones! Thanks for sharing this on the two for tuesday recipe blog hop! :) Alex@amoderatelife

    • says

      Alex — Areli is a cross of Kangal and Boerboel. One is a Turkish breed and the other South African. Here’s the breeder if you’d like to know more: I hear you on the eggs! As a matter of fact, that batch of angel eggs were a “devil” to peel!

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    What a busy week you’ve had….That cake, frosting, and everything else looks sooo good! Thanks for sharing with Two for Tuesdays this week.

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    Nothing makes me happier than seeing a counter filled with mason jars, bubbling away! It’s a sight that always makes my heart beat faster. Thank you for sharing your week with Two for Tuesday, the puppy looks to be a charmer!

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    I am definately going to try more ferments this week with my cucumebrs. I have been canning some because my husband wants me to, but they are always mushy and I don’t like them (though he eats them no problem).

    Anyway, my question is how do I preserve my harvest for the winter and still have it fermented? Fermented foods don’t last THAT long do they? I really want to put up my garden veggies and I do freeze many things, but if I was to ferment pickles or relish could I freeze that maybe? Just wondering if anyone has suggestions.

    Thanks! And thanks for the inspirations Wardee! Cute puppy!!

    • says

      Deanna — Unfortunately, for long-term or even season-to-season, you need a cold cellar or a refrigerator. Modern homes aren’t made for lacto-fermentation. So most of us end up making LF foods just for the season we’re in. Then the next season, there are other foods to LF.

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    Ah the yummy goodness that is on your counter makes me a little envious! what a great and busy week you had! Thanks for linking this to Two for Tuesdays!

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