Probiotics: Every Meal — Desserts

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It’s time to share probiotic dessert ideas! In the past weeks, we’ve hit every meal and then some. The goal being: to share ideas and recipes for getting probiotics with every bite.

Please share your probiotic dessert ideas in the comments. Feel free to add links to blog posts, current or past. Wondering what “Probiotics: Every Meal” is all about? Read this post. Remember to keep the cultured foods uncooked; the friendlies die in the presence of heat.

You know what? I’m soooo content with enjoying many of the probiotic snack or breakfast ideas for dessert — like any of the smoothies, kefir mixed with fruit, or iced teeccino! But here are some probiotic dessert ideas that I have not mentioned yet. They’re really … dessert!

Kefir popsicles (being enjoyed by my niece)…

Sourdough chocolate cake with coconut cream frosting that is made with raw milk or raw cream (even soured). The raw milk or cream in the frosting is what makes this whole package probiotic.

Probiotic ice cream (made with kefir) or creamy ice cream (made with raw cream or raw milk). Check out my dreamy creamy best ice cream ever as well as these 7 tips for perfect homemade ice cream. If you live near Eugene, Oregon, you can hit Vanilla Jill’s for handmade frozen yogurt. Our dear friends Megan and Tim Stevens make the frozen yogurt using Nancy’s organic kefir and not much sugar!

Erin’s chocolate torte with citrus cheese frosting. I recently used the frosting (sans citrus) on my sourdough spice cake!

Strawberries and raw milk or raw cream (even a bit soured is delicious).

And what about a cold glass of bubbly, fruity, water kefir? Mmmm….

So… those are my probiotic dessert ideas. I’m getting kind of hungry, how about you? What probiotic desserts would you share? Add your ideas or link to your blog post(s) in the comments.

This concludes the series on probiotics at every meal. I think we’ve had a great collection of ideas shared and I hope they got you going toward serving up something probiotic with every bite, too! Just below this post, you can see a list of the other meals we covered in this series — breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

I’m sharing this post in Real Food Wednesday.

This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting GNOWFGLINS with your purchases.

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  1. says

    These are great ideas! How long is soured raw milk still good in the refrigerator? Is there a point when it isn’t safe to eat anymore?

  2. says

    Lori — Raw milk in the refrigerator just continues to sour, rather than spoil, and usually can be used creatively. If you ever see fuzz on it, that is mold and can be skimmed away. For these desserts, I suggest slightly soured raw milk, rather than mature raw soured milk. :D

  3. says

    oh my gosh, all those photos made me so hungry!! delicious and pretty. sigh, I don’t eat chocolate but that cake would be good made with carob. Fortunately, I love carob though I still get mad at all those people that talk about it as a chocolate substitute. There is NO substitute for chocolate.

    • says

      Michelle — Oh, yes! I agree! And along those lines, I quite often like a bowl of plain kefir with some local fruit mixed in. Tonight we had fresh blackberries and kefir for dessert. There’s nothing better than simple!

  4. Jory says

    HI Wardee,

    May I ask where you have gotten your water kefir grains, or rather, where you recommend
    getting them?


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