Tuesday Twister – Lentil Slaw and Spice Cake

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Now here we go – I’ll catch you up on what’s been twisting in my kitchen the past week.

I made Erin’s sprouted lentil slaw … twice! It fed us for four days. What a great dish to eat in the summer! Tasty, fresh, crisp and cool. Depending on what you add, it can offer more than digestive enzymes (from the sprouted lentils), but probiotics, too! Our probiotics came from tossing the salad in my raw, soft cheese based creamy salad dressing (this time I made it from kefir cheese) and cubes of raw queso fresco cheese. Other additions: fresh herbs, garlic greens, cucumbers, and leeks from the Farmer’s Market. If your digestion is sensitive or you just prefer it, you can always lightly steam the lentils and then cool them prior to using them in the salad, as Peggy shared in last week’s Tuesday Twister.

Definitely a keeper! You will be seeing sourdough spice cake recipe soon. :)

For Father’s Day (well, the day after to avoid the crowds), we went hiking along the Umpqua River. Not really a destination in mind, just to enjoy the day and walk in God’s creation. We ate lunch by the river. I packed soaked biscuits, cooked turkey, hard boiled eggs, and trail mix. And, of course, water! We had a wonderful, wonderful day!

So, that’s it for my Tuesday Twister. What’s twisting in your kitchen? Feel free to add  your Tuesday Twister post in the Linky Thumbnails box above, or share in  the comments below.

I shared this post in this week’s Two for Tuesdays blog carnival!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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    Hi Wardee! Thanks for sharing the real food love with us! My recipe this week is an old family recipe that has been tweaked with traditional cooking methods. Keftedes or greek meatballs and a creamy curry dressing for dipping! Enjoy!

  2. says

    Hi Wardee,
    Thank you for hosting! My blog is new. I’m sharing a recipe for a raw lucuma ice cream- it’s a Peruvian fruit – and delicious ice cream flavor!
    I look forward to sharing this passion for healthy food and living with everyone!

  3. says

    I am loving the sprouted Lentils…I would totally dig this slaw!! Sounds absolutely delicious and spice cake is one of my favorites =) thanks so much for sharing it with us at Two for Tuesdays!!

    (…does Tues Twister have to be a re-cap??? )

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    Thanks for hosting Wardee! We’re delayed in our course this week, hope that’s ok.

    I love your photo collage, how did you do that??


    • says

      Carmen – Your comment went to spam, and I just now found it. :) I made the collage in Photoshop. Any image editor would do it. It was easy. I cropped all the pics I wanted to include to a square and a smaller size (200 by 200 pixels). I made a new image big enough to give 5 pixels space between each picture and for the border, and filled that blank image with the background color. I pasted all the cropped images onto the big image and moved the little pics around until I was happy with the arrangement and spacing. And then saved it! Voila.

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    Wardee, spice cake is one of the deepest soul food memories of child hood for me! Thanks for this great traditionally cooked recipe so I can add it back into my repetorie! Thanks also for sharing the real food love at the Two for Tuesday Blog Hop! :) Alex

  6. says

    Wardee, that sprouted lentil salad sounds wonderful. I tried sprouting some lentils last week but for some reason they never sprouted – it was sad :( maybe I’ll try again this week. Thanks for linking up to Two for Tuesdays! And for hosting this great carnival as well.

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