Tuesday Twister – Pizza!

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Now here we go – I’ll catch you up on what’s been twisting in my kitchen the past week.

First I’ll show you two things I made from Erin’s sourdough pizza crust (which is amazing, a great dough!). Obviously, one of them is pizza. :)

We are seriously low on foods that are typical pizza toppings. Mushrooms? No. Olives? No. Bell peppers? No. For sauce, thankfully I had one can of tomato paste for pizza one night, and frozen tomato sauce for another night. For toppings, I used ground-beef seasoned up with Italian herbs and queso fresco cheese from last summer. Pretty simple, but it was really, really good. The second night we had pizza, I added pinto beans in with the seasoned meat.

I had made one batch of the dough for Friday’s dinner. That had soured for more than 24 hours, and the dough tasted on the sour side. But it was so good. The family caught the pizza bug, so I kept my starter out of the fridge to make more dough for later in the weekend. The second time I made the dough, I quadrupled it, but let it sour for 12 hours only. Less sour taste, so that’s what I’ll aim for from here on out. (And the temperature was warm, too, which means the souring was pretty fast.) This quadruple batch gave us pizza on Sunday for lunch, and pizza pockets for Sunday dinner, and two balls of pizza dough for the freezer.

One more note about the pizza. The second time I baked the pizza right on the oven rack. I’ve never done that before because I like to avoid messes. But it was not messy, and it was worth it for the crispy crust.

Other things of note this week… We are totally out of dairy or coconut milk to make kefir and feeling the loss. :( I have ordered powdered coconut milk from Wilderness Family Naturals but it is still not here. Shipping is so slow from Minnesota. 😉 Our goats are pretty much dried up due to pregnancy. Soon we’ll be in milk — still it is hard to wait. Not just for the milk, but for those cute kids!

I had made some refried beans with cooked pinto beans, and made bean and cheese melts for last night’s dinner. Jeff said, “That was good. Tasted like fast food… without any fast food.”

The base of those were halves of Erin’s sourdough English muffins, topped with refried beans and queso fresco cheese. This is a good Meatless Meal Idea.

And…. our order of Khaki Campbell ducklings from Holderread Farm arrived! We got 31 of them in all, and they are a-dor-a-ble. Adorable. The kids take them for walks around the property (when the sun is out) and take them swimming. They’re like mice swarming around our feet, but so fast. I’m afraid of stepping on one, but I think they’re too instinctive to let that happen. Read why we chose ducks over chickens (for the time being).

So, that’s it for my Tuesday Twister. What’s twisting in your kitchen? Feel free to add your Tuesday Twister post in the Linky Thumbnails box above, or share in the comments below.Healthy Snacks To Go

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I’m sharing this post in the new blog carnival, Two for Tuesdays. :)

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


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      Tara- these Khakis are going to be egg layers. But they come unsexed, so we bought twice as many as we wanted in hens. So at least half of these are going to get eaten by the time we grow up a laying flock. And we think we need chickens, too, and soon, because they’ll help keep the barn clean. The ducks are such aggressive foragers that they don’t spend much time in the barn.

    • says

      Hi, Jen! Thank you! So good to see you. :)

      Hi, girlichef! I just checked out your lovely blog and look forward to visiting more often. :)

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    Hi Wardee and everyone,

    Wardee, this is so funny… I made almost identical Bean and Cheese Melts for lunch on Sunday! I used about half a pound of beef, beans and cheddar cheese and put it on our regular sourdough bread. I didn’t share it in my Twister but had to tell you about it anyway

    I did share one of the ways I’m cooking with eggs. We now have 18 laying hens so plenty of eggs. And we are raising chickens for meat too so I shared a recipe for Cornish Game Hens plus a few other odds and ends.
    .-= Millie @ Real Food for Less Money´s last blog post… Tuesday Twister June 15 =-.

  2. says

    Millie – How fun! It is the season for these kind of meals, I think. We have lots of melts, burritos, tacos throughout the late spring, summer, and early fall. 18 hens! Yes, I bet you have lots of eggs. :)

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    Thanks so much for joining us for us for Two for Tuesdays blog hop. Looks like you have a great carnival going on as well – I can’t wait to look through some of these links. Thanks!

  4. says

    Hi Wardee, I am so going to try this recipe because I have a full starter just waiting to do something delicious with! Thanks for participating in the two for tuesday recipe blog hop and I hope to see you again next week. I will be joining your tuesday twister as well. Keep it REAL! Alex.
    .-= alex@amoderatelife´s last blog post… Guest Post! Healthy eating on a budget! =-.

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