Tuesday Twister

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I’m combining the two weekly Tuesday Twister posts into one. For the time being, there won’t be a blog carnival post separate from my entry. So add your links here, and then keep reading to see what twisted in my kitchen over the last week

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Now here we go – I’ll catch you up on what’s been twisting in my kitchen the past week.

I’ve no kitchen pictures, though I have been busy in there. So I’ll show you our darlings, the one week old+ baby Muscovy ducklings. We mostly keep them safe in the barn in a coop area. They need to be kept away from their daddy, The Drake, and predators. Sadly, our efforts are not perfect; we have lost two ducklings. Either they have snuck away, or something has gotten into the pen somehow. :( So of our seven ducklings, we are down to five.

But anyway, the kids let them out of the barn a few times a day, and the two mamas take them for walks and show them what’s what in the swim tub. Yes, there are two mamas; they both claim parenthood of this clutch, though rightfully these ducklings belong to Addy, who went broody first. Seedy, the other mama, is still setting on 3 (or 4?) more eggs which should be hatching out within a week.

This is the little cutie that the kids call “Angel.” She’s quite tiny; look at her compared to another duckling.

Of course, we don’t know who’s a she and who’s a he. Time will tell. :)

About the Muscovy ducks: did you know there’s a new ban on raising them? It is currently not being enforced while the Fish and Wildlife Service decide what to do about domestic raising of Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat. Please consider writing to the Fish and Wildlife Service to let them know that you would like to see the ban lifted, at least for people who are raising these ducks for food. Click this link, and you’ll get to a blog post with a suggested letter to send. It takes 5 seconds. Cut and paste the letter and send it to: George_T_Allen@fws.gov. As a person who is beginning to raise these ducks, humanely, for food and friendship, I would appreciate your support in the matter. Crazy that this is even an issue, isn’t it?

As far as the kitchen goes, I continued to add liver to foods, such as Arabic meatballs and also to more jerky. B. single-handedly made a batch of jerky this week. She loved using the jerky gun, and I loved the help.

I also made soaked-and-ready-oats, but included 10% whole wheat flour, so the wheat would provide phytase to help break down the phytic acid in the oats. Oats don’t have phytase, so this partnership is supposed to work great. I was going to use these oats in a granola bar recipe, but they didn’t last that long. The oats became breakfast for the kids and now there’s very few left. Well, I will try again…

What else? I am on my last chunk of feta cheese. All that cheese I put up over last summer and fall and I’m down to the last of the feta. Very sad.

I made more sauerkraut and ginger carrots, lacto-fermented foods from Nourishing Traditions. We love those condiments! Making those will be the last lesson in the eCourse. Speaking of which, I have some surprises for when the eCourse opens up again very soon, so stay tuned. Be sure to sign up for the eCourse mailing list (different from the FREE Newsletter) to be the first to know what’s in store!

So, that’s it for me – what’s twisting in your kitchen? Feel free to add your Tuesday Twister post in the Linky Tools box above, or share in the comments below!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Youthful One says

    I don’t have time to do a formal blog post and link it up, but I’m so excited about all the stuff I’ve been making lately that I just posted it as my status on facebook! (And then I got the notice about Tuesday Twister.)

    So, during the last week or so, here are the newest (to my family) things I’ve made:
    * more water kefir – now in cream soda and white grape/raspberry flavors
    * kombucha – fizzier than the last time we were actively making it
    * mayonnaise – using the NT recipe and the encouragement of the Nourishing Cook blog
    * rye-less rye bread – a gluten-free version of rye bread so I could enjoy a Reuben sandwich again
    * gluten-free cinnamon-nut-raisin English muffins
    * Costa Rican Chilero (fermented carrots/jalapeno/bell peppers) – my first fermented veggies ever
    * fermented pico de gallo

    ALL of the above got RAVE reviews from everybody in the family (8 people), except the GF rye bread was still a tad crumbly.

  2. says

    Tara – We just got them a few months ago, less than 2. We’re raising them for meat. Of this batch of ducklings, I think we’ll keep most of the females to increase the flock, but the drakes are definitely for the oven. :) We have another batch of ducklings on order (Khaki Campbells) which we’ll raise for eggs. The Muscovys are good moms, and the Khakis are good layers. That’s what we hear and will be testing out!

  3. says

    Millie – We did order straight run, 30 of them. We figured to have 15 layers when all is said and done. The Khaki drake we’ll eat as meat when they’re old enough.

  4. says

    That’s what we’ll do too. I only ordered 10 Khaki’s though :-) I’m hoping for 5 females which should give a decent amount of duck eggs and be about perfect when figuring in the number of chicken eggs too (I hope to have a total of 17 chicken layers this year). I’m way too excited about my poultry plans! hehe.
    .-= Millie @ Real Food for Less Money´s last blog post… Tuesday Twister May 4 =-.

  5. says

    Dear Wardee,

    I have been reading here at GNOWFGLINS for the past two days. (I had read some when you first started, then life & stress got in the way) And reading and reading some more. We have put Spelt Sourdough & Water Kefir on our list of things we want to do. We look forward to learning a thing or two at a time and making them a part of our every day ‘normal’. 😀 Thank you for all of your hard work! We are truly benefiting from it. :) Hugs, Robin

  6. says

    Hi, Robin! I’m glad to see you, dear friend! I have a friend with water kefir grains, so if you want some I can hook you up. :)

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