How To Dehydrate Dairy Kefir Grains


I have a plethora of grains; I’ve been raising them up to share with eCourse members. I asked Julie at Cultures for Health how to dehydrate dairy kefir grains, because I figured they’d ship much more easily if they weren’t wet. She gave me very simple instructions, and that’s the point of my post today.

Tuesday Twister


The Tuesday Twister is a bit different this week, as I’m combining my usual two posts into one. This is the post where I share about my week, and also the post where you can link up your Tuesday Twister post. Feel free to share in the comments about your week if you don’t have a blog. So, come on, let’s share what’s twisting in our GNOWFGLINS’ kitchens!


cropping lettuce

It’s Monday – and time for another Real Food Quote Monday (RFQM). Today I’m sharing from a “Letter” in the Wise Traditions journal of Spring 2010. Allan Balliett, a biodynamic farmer in West Virginia, addresses the topic of fake CSAs — CSAs who cater to the consumer’s love of convenience, but distribute food from unknown or obscure farms.

Sloppy Joe’s


Served on Erin’s sourdough English muffins, these are soooo good! I’ve long made Sloppy Joe’s In A Bowl – and these are a variation of that recipe. Often I stretch out the meat by adding cooked lentils to the Sloppy Joe mix. For these sandwiches, that variation is wonderful! Here’s the recipe which includes extras of the seasonings to flavor the lentils, too.

Sandwich Round-Up: Add Yours!


Welcome to the Sandwich Round-Up! During this season of the year, we’re doing more outside, perhaps going on picnics or having days at the park. This kind of weather and partaking in spring time activities makes me crave lighter, cooler meals – especially sandwiches! They’re portable, delicious, full of flavor, (hopefully) healthy, and easy to make. Please add your sandwich ideas to this carnival – now featuring easily-added thumbnails.

Erin’s Spiced Oatmeal-Yogurt Muffins


I hoped Erin would keep sharing her yummy recipes with us, and she has. Erin gave us the fabulous sourdough English muffins, which you must try if you haven’t already. They are getting rave reviews. She also shared her no-soaking required, easy sourdough waffles. Please welcome her back today as she shares her gorgeous and flexible soaked, spiced, oatmeal-yogurt muffins.