Q & A: Getting In Your Coconut Oil

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I am among many who have tried to eat a small amount of coconut oil before each meal, ala Eat Fat, Lose Fat. Here’s what I wrote on October 13, 2009. I am not currently keeping this practice up, but I am thinking of starting again.

I am taking 1-1/2 tablespoons of coconut oil before each meal ala Eat Fat, Lose Fat, the book by Sally Fallon Morell and Mary Enig. The coconut oil provides “vital nourishment to every cell in your body…” but also makes me feel satisfied, decreasing cravings and persistent hunger. I can’t stand taking coconut oil plain. I tried it in tea, but it is not always practical to make and brew and let cool a cup of tea 20 minutes before a meal. So I made myself some coconut bark, which is a frozen coconut “candy.” My two favorite ways to make coconut bark are: Peppermint Pattie and Almond Joy.

In spite of not keeping this up, I have been making sure I eat and feed my family plenty of healthy saturated fats with every meal. I recently finished rendering all the tallow from our last year’s grass fed beef half, and I love using that for frying eggs, hashbrowns, and refrying grains. We use alot of the Kerrygold sweet jersey cream butter from Trader Joe’s, which is amazing on our sourdough bread.

The family gets to enjoy the bread and potatoes more than me, as I have been cutting back on grains and sugars for the most part. I’ve been doing this for weight management. Even though I am at another plateau, I have managed to lose 10 pounds since the beginning of the year. My weakness has been that I make homemade ice cream and for my family, and even though I intend to refrain, I end up having some.

I kept a food journal for two days to share in Shannon @ Nourishing Days series: What Real Food Bloggers Really Eat. So far, you can also see what these bloggers really eat, too: Ren @ Edible Aria, Kelly the Kitchen Kop, and Ann Marie @ Cheeseslave.

Well, this post is supposed to be a Q & A! Here’s the question, asked by Kelli in a comment the other day.

I would love if people gave tips on how to get down 2 tablespoons of coconut oil before meals for weight loss. I literally can’t stomach it!

How Do You Eat Your Coconut Oil?

My answer to this question is almost the same now as it was on October 13, 2009. 😀 Eat the coconut oil in tea or in coconut bark. Another way is by making Avivah’s almond/peanut butter cups using a minimal amount of honey. I have been using less than 2 tablespoons of honey for each layer, and I think they could be even less sweet.

An update to the bark: in January, I came across an idea to cut back on the honey. Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home mentioned that she made my coconut bark with stevia. In a followup comment, she said it was about 30 drops of liquid stevia. Having tried using 100% green leaf stevia powder before (I don’t have drops), I knew I wasn’t a big fan of the total stevia flavor, nor did I get the amount right when I tried it. After Stephanie’s inspiration, I used a pinch of my stevia in place of half the honey, and the coconut bark tasted wonderfully yummy, and half as sweet! This could also be done with Avivah’s almond/peanut butter cups.

Want more ideas? I gathered these from comments and other posts:

Karen says:

I have been using organic coconut oil for years and I start every morning with a heaping tablespoon in my breakfast smoothie… Makes it extra smooooth and you don’t even know it’s in there! YUM!

Gigi says:

I put 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in my black coffee each morning. It’s an odd texture, like bouillon, with the fat floating on top, but it tastes ok, and actually softens the bite if the coffee happens to be a tad “burnt.” I’m not sure how I’d tolerate it in just hot water or mild flavored tea, but it’s just fine in coffee. Start with just a teaspoon and see how you do.

Connie says:

I just melt 2 tablespoons of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions in hot water, add a pinch of sucanat or maple syrup (literally a pinch) and drink a nicely flavored coconut tea. It’s quite tasty.

And last but not least, Peggy @ Local Nourishment shared how she made lip-smackin’ coconut oil treats by combining combining her favorite food, butter, with coconut oil. Click on over to her post to see a picture of her treats!

Although I like the flavor of coconut oil, it is difficult for me to eat plain because the texture just doesn’t feel right. One thing I can always eat plain, though, is butter! Yum! So, I melted equal parts of butter and coconut oil, washed up [a] mold and poured the delectable solution into the little hearts [mold]. … Can I eat two of these a couple times a day? Oh yes, I certainly can!

What about you? Do you have other ideas of your own or from other websites? Please do share!

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Betsy says

    I will sometimes put a tablespoon or so in a small bowl, add some cocoa powder and stevia, maybe some peanut or almond butter, maybe some chopped nuts or shredded coconut – then mix it up and eat it! It’s kind of a cross between pudding and candy, and is nice little treat when I want something sweet after dinner but have no dessert available.

  2. says

    Hi Wardee ~ Funny I was heading to the kitchen to take my coconut oil. Though I decided to stop off at the computer first, check my email & facebook and saw your fb post.
    I not only get coconut in my daily eggnog I am taking it with my fermented cod liver oil.
    I really do not have any trouble swallowing the oil even by its self. My two posts are titled “A Nourishing start to you day! Eggnog” and “How to take Fermented Cod Liver Oil and not make faces” @ http://www.seedsofnutrition.com.
    One of the things I find that in not stressed much if at all but getting healthy fats into your diet daily and the effects that it will also help you loose weight is ……… that yes I agree with this whole heartedly but one can not expect this to be the magic to shed weight. One needs to cut back on amounts eaten and exercise.
    .-= Pamela´s last blog post… Sunday Seeds: A Walk in the Beauty of Nature =-.

  3. Carmen says

    We are a big advocate of coconut oil. We have used coconut oil in all of our baking including our regular bread making. We love it. We’ve also added coconut oil in our morning smoothies but prefer coconut cream instead, which I can eat by the spoon full!

  4. Lisa says

    Like you, I used to have my coconut oil every morning before breakfast, and along with exercise and adopting a few aspects of the NT diet, was able to lose over 50lbs in about 15 months, which I had, oddly, gained AFTER the birth of my eighth child.
    Though I love the taste, the texture is a bit unpleasant (my older children use stronger language!), so we thought we’d experiment. I mixed liquid coconut oil with carob powder and a bit of honey, poured it into a plastic storage container and popped it in the freezer. While I should have watched it more often and given it a good shake once in a while in the beginning, to keep it from separating, I didn’t and the oil rose to the top. But, when I took it out and with a sharp knife cut it into little tablespoon-sized squares, I had a little “icing-cake”-like creations, and the mixture helped very much to distract me from the texture of the oil.
    We also tried orange juice, and that worked fairly well. Again, I think it just needed some shaking or stirring during the freezing to keep the separation from happening.
    Incidentally, my youngest (that 8th child after whose birth I gained the 50 lbs) just LOVES plain coconut oil and used to beg for it by the name of “conocut-yoyo” , along with his beloved “cod-livey-oyo!”
    Thanks for the great suggestions…. I’ll have to try some of these out!

  5. HeatherG says

    I have to second the in the coffee idea. I still have a cup of decaf coffee in the morning, while I make the family breakfast. Although I had been a black coffee drinker for over a decade I found I can stomach coconut oil better if I mix it in the coffee with a touch of real cream. If I manage to make it right it tastes like a fancy pants $5 coffee drink. Most of the time I’m not that awake.

  6. Kelli says

    Thank you so much for posting this, Wardee! There are a lot of ideas here, and I will try them and let you know if I can stomach any of them. I hated it in tea, and couldn’t make myself eat it straight for more than a couple of days (the book suggests that you eat it before meals). I thought about the coconut bark recipe, but I am trying to not eat too much sugar, so I am excited about the stevia version. j

    I am not one looking for a magic pill, I exercise (run and do exercise tapes) and eat better than most Americans. I love all things coconut, so I was surprised that I could tolerate eating it alone.

    To be continued…

  7. Crystal says

    I have some fabulous ideas for coconut oil!
    First off, make sure you’re consuming the right kind of coconut oil or you’re better off not having it. Make sure it’s unrefined coconut oil. I prefer the brand Nutiva, and right now you can get a great deal on a giant container of it on amazon with free shipping (if you spend $5 or more on a free shipping item) or iherb.com usually has a good price.
    I don’t like to eat it straight so I use it to cook eggs in, spread on toast or homemade bread, mix it 50% or so with butter in baking, and the best is POPCORN! Use a stove pop Whirley Pop or crank handle popcorn contraption, dump in a few T coconut oil, add a shy 1/2 cup of popcorn kernels, pop and serve with drizzled butter and sea salt. DIVINE! And for those who like kettle corn, add a few T pure cane sugar with the coconut oil and popcorn, omit the drizzled butter, but sprinkle with sea salt immediately after transferring to a bowl (before it crisps and the salt won’t stick). This is a GREAT Christmas gift – and inexpensive! Just put it in a cute clear bag with ribbon.

  8. Tina says

    I just bought some coconut oil last night. I haven’t tried it yet. The brand is Nature’s Way. Is that a good brand?What I am hoping for is to lose weight and decrease cravings(along with exercise and healthier eating). I am a huge grazer and usually only eat my actual meal of the day at supper.

  9. Tina M says

    Forgive my late comment – I’m just catching up on my reading. Is there any problem with consuming the gelatin coating on gel caps? I honestly never thought about it before. I just couldn’t do the coconut oil, straight, in my tea, or in my coffee, with or without sugar and/or cream, so I thought it was a Godsend to find the coconut oil gel caps! That’s what I’ve been using. Although some of these recipes sound pretty tasty and worth trying. I wonder if we could do coconut butter instead of coconut oil? I think I could tolerate that better.

    • says

      Tina – I have never thought about the gelatin caps before, but I would assume you’re okay, since they’re so widely used by people with alternative medical goals.

      The coconut butter is wonderful. However, it is the whole coconut meat ground up, where the coconut oil is the oil of the coconut. So, in terms of getting saturated fat, you’d have to eat alot more coconut butter to get up to 1 – 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. I’m not sure how much, as I don’t know off the top of my head what percentage of coconut meat is fat.

  10. Toni says

    I like mine on toast, instead of butter, with a sprinkle of cinnamon/sucanat. Our family loves popcorn made with coconut oil…no need for butter, just salt until a light buttery flavor appears (sea salt or real salt)

  11. says

    Tina – What’s the description of the coconut oil? Does it say unrefined, raw, virgin, organic, or use other such terms? Sorry I missed your question until just now. :)

  12. says

    The thought of taking a spoon full of coconut oil is not appealing to me. I do like the idea of the peppermint paddy bark. 😀 How big of a slice do take to get the 2TB of coconut oil?

    I think I can make this tonight and I think that I will! Thanks Wardee.
    .-= Michelle´s last blog post… I Am Thankful For??? =-.

    • says

      Michelle – Yay! I hope you like it! I break off a square of it, like 1 or 2 inch wide, depending on thickness. Not very exact, is it?

  13. Jessie says

    Does anyone know if you can have a diahrea type reaction to taking coconut oil. I have given it to my dh & I am noticing that correlation of these two events. Any thoughts?

  14. says

    It turned out great and it was so easy in the Vita-Mix!

    I didn’t use the almonds because of allergies.

    Next time I will use half the peppermint. It was too minty for us.

    Two out of three girls asked that I don’t put the coconut in it and I told them to get over it and eat it anyway. They will because of the chocolate. lol

    Thanks for the recipe!

    Next up…Peanutbutter cups. Sir Son won’t be able to eat them though.

  15. says

    I can take mine off the spoon but also like it in hot cocoa. I add coconut oil, honey and a Tablespoon or two of cocoa powder, mix into a paste, add hot raw milk. You could use carob instead if you’re avoiding caffeine.

    A few minutes ago I put about 3 T of coconut oil in a small serving of ice cream. It got a little crunchy from the cold and was tasty. :)
    .-= Carrie at NaturalMomsTalkRadio´s last blog post… Win Grass Fed Meat =-.

  16. Elizabeth says

    My secret to eating the coconut oil right off a Tablespoon is twofold, brand and temperature.
    If you keep the C/oil warmer than 70 degrees, it melts away in your mouth very quickly.
    The brand I prefer is Garden of Life, because it has a very bland taste and is easy to get down, especially if it is warm. I have tried many other brands, G of L works best for me. I also use it to “OIL PULL ” and as a hydrating creme on my face before applying makeup.

  17. Alison says

    I’m just wondering if there is BPA (Bisphenol-A) in the plastic jars of the Nutiva coconut oil? This kinda worries me as I use this oil all the time.

  18. says

    We discovered that if you just put a spoonful in your mouth and take a sip of anything, water, coffee, etc…. before you swallow the oil, and it slides right down without a hitch! We love it for so many things, and love the taste, but it is very rich so that’s why we don’t swallow without a sip of liquid. In the morning I have just a bit left on my spoon and stir it in my coffee, that way it flavors the coffee without a heavy oil. I hope this will help someone.

  19. says

    I just have to say that, after having made the coconut bark a couple days ago, I have noticed a DRASTIC reduction in my sugar cravings. The first day I was vigilent about eating a piece before each meal (snacks, too) and had basically no cravings. Yesterday, I wasn’t quite as persistent and could definitely tell via more cravings for carbs/sugar.

  20. Renee says

    COCONUT BARK get our dark chocolate in one serving

    Saw this on another coconut site.. enjoy, Its good stuff

    Peppermint Pattie Coconut Bark (and Almond Joy version)

    This makes a double batch of the original recipe.

    ?1 cup coconut oil, organic, virgin, unrefined
    ?1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    ?2 teaspoons peppermint extract
    ?1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    ?1/4 cup raw honey
    ?1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
    Line a 9? by 13? baking pan with unbleached parchment paper or wax paper. Set aside.

    Using a food processor or mixer, mix the coconut oil, extracts, cocoa powder and honey until smooth and warm, and it exhibits some fluidity. Add the coconut, and pulse to incorporate. Don’t over mix or you risk chopping up the coconut.

    Using spatula spread the mixture out thinly (1/4-inch to 1/8-inch thick) on the parchment paper. Transfer to a level spot in the freezer. Let freeze for 10 to 15 minutes. Eat frozen; break off pieces the size you desire. Will melt at room temperature — keep frozen.

    Almond Joy version: Omit half of the coconut, substituting chopped crispy almonds. Omit the peppermint extract and double the vanilla

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