Nourishing Traditions “Macaroons”

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Please welcome Claudia Vasquez, who is today sharing a beautiful photo tutorial of making the Macaroons from Nourishing Traditions. Thank you, Claudia, for your inspiration and lovely photos!

Inspired by GNOWFGLINS Fundamentals eCourse, I decided to try the Coconut Macaroons recipe from Sally Fallon Morell’s book Nourishing Traditions. I bought all the ingredients at my local health food store, and started preparing them on a snowy winter day in February. Once the cookies went in the oven, the coconut scent filled the whole entire house. All my family members came down to the kitchen, waiting patiently for the timer to go off. Cooling time went by extremely slowly, but the reward was worth waiting for! I hope you try this recipe, and if you and your family are coconut fans, like us, I guarantee this recipe is going to be a keeper!


-8 egg whites

-2 pinches of sea salt

-4 tablespoons of arrowroot

-1 cup organic Grade B Maple syrup

-2 tablespoons organic vanilla extract

-5 1/2 cups organic commercial dried unsweetened coconut meat, finely cut

Preparation: line baking sheets with buttered parchment paper.

Add the two pinches of sea salt…

…to the egg whites…

…and beat until peaks form.

Measure 4 tablespoons of arrowroot…

…add the arrowroot to the white mixture and beat for a few seconds.

Measure two tablespoons of vanilla extract and mix them together with the cup of maple syrup.

Slowly beat in the maple syrup and vanilla, about a minute.

Add two bags of finely cut dried unsweetened coconut.

into the egg white mixture

and fold them with a rubber spatula.

The mixture should look like this.

With a Tablespoon or the smallest ice cream scoop, take small portions of the mixture…

…and line them on the baking sheets. Keep 1/4-inch gap between each portion.

Cookies will expand just a tiny bit while baking.

Bake them in a 300°F oven for 30 minutes, or until lightly browned. Lower the oven to 200° and bake them for another hour,
or until macaroons are completely dried and crisp.

Let them cool completely before removing from parchment paper. They can be kept in an air tight container, or in the freezer.
Enjoy them!

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This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. says

    Thank you for this pictorial! A friend emailed me this morning (before I saw today’s post) and asked if I had tried the macaroon recipe from NT yet. How funny is that? Now I will have to get right on it! Awesome post, ladies!
    .-= Tammy´s last blog post… A Week of "Firsts" (successes) =-.

  2. Robin says

    Those look awesome! I keep seeing posts talking about using egg yolks for smoothies, etc., and I’m always wondering, yes, but what to do with all those egg whites? This looks like a yummy solution! :-)

  3. says

    thanks- this will be great since I just bought a (large) bag of coconut from Azure, and I had been lamenting not being able to make cookies (I don’t have a mill for sprouted flour & there are no “soaked” cookie recipes that I know of) :)

  4. Cheryl Lee says

    Thank you Claudia, for this excellent post. It really encourages new cooks, and us older ones to try new things. Photos are so very helpful.

  5. Tina~ says

    A seasonal hint-
    if you mix a little bit of raspberry or blueberry puree into partial batches of these you can make pastel colored macaroons for Easter. I used two tablespoons against each other to shape them into more of an egg shape- the kids loved them.
    I just divided the batch once it was all mixed so I had some in three different bowls-
    blueberry puree made it a little purple, raspberry puree made it pink.

  6. Eugenia V. says

    I’m delighted to see my sister’s recipe published on this wonderful blog!!! She has always taken great pride in making sure everything’s done right. Her passion for cooking clearly shows in this recipe and the accompanying pics. Outstanding job, sis! :)

  7. Alejandra P. says

    This looks so so good… I can’t wait to do it myself. the best part is the pictures, step by step. I’m such a VISUAL person, that usually I do not follow a recipe… I read the ingredients and then follow the pictures!!! But this is an awesome way to follow a recipe step by step!!!
    Thanks Claudia!! :)

  8. Claudia Vasquez says

    I’m just hoping you all make this cookies sometime soon; maybe this could be a nice project for the week-end. I’m also glad to hear the pictorial format has helped visualize the recipe for some and encourage others to try it. I absolutely loved the “seasonal hint” share by Tina, which I’ll try on my next batch. Lisa, my husband appreciates the fact that these cookies have no flour at all! Robin, I made “Chocolate Pots De Creme” with all left over the egg yolks from this recipe. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, and thank you, Wardee, for giving me the chance to post on your amazing blog. – :)

  9. Marly says

    Thanks so much Claudia. I’ve been looking for a special treat—cuz sometimes you just need one—and this definitely fits the bill.

  10. Pedro says

    This is really well done. I even feel brave enough to try them! and I don’t cook, as my wife will gladly confirm.
    Thanks for all the details.

  11. JenZ says

    This looks wonderful! And I love the comment by Claudia about using the leftover egg yolks for chocolate pots de creme. I was already thinking of making these for Easter and now may make both desserts :)

  12. osanna says

    I just made these for Easter. They were SO delicious! My family and guests enjoyed them along with some dark chocolate. Thanks for posting!

  13. Sarah Joy says

    Hey I just made these but they didn’t set up nearly like yours! What did I do wrong? The egg whites had peaks but once I added the syrups and such the whole thing went liquid. I keep failing at these NT recipes and feel quite defeated or should I say in this case, deflated… :( Thanks for any advice you can give.


  14. Kirstenp says

    Wondering if you found the original recipe to be too runny and that’s why you added extra coconut… Just asking… 😉

  15. says

    I used the coconut the recipe called for but the came out too dry. Next time I will at less coconut to the mixture. Will see how they come out. Thanks!

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