Guest Posting Opportunities


Hello, dear GNOWFGLINS readers. Would you consider guest posting at Have you tried a recipe from Nourishing Traditions that would be fun to share? Do you have a family favorite recipe that we would all enjoy? Read this post for more details about guest posting at GNOWFGLINS – come on, you know you want to!

Kraut Pounder


The Eugene, Oregon chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation makes and sells beautiful Kraut Pounders. Each one is handmade in Eugene, Oregon and turned from a solid piece of maple hardwood. Also, is anyone from around Eugene going to go to the fat rendering event this Saturday?

Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival

Welcome to the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival for February 23rd! The theme of this blog carnival is to share, through words and pictures, what’s twisting in our kitchens during the past week. Show us your GNOWFGLINS – God’s natural, organic, whole foods, grown locally and in season. I’m eager to see what’s been twisting in your kitchens this week!

RFQM: “Simple Sourdough” by Mark Shepard


How do you know if your sponge is ready? How do you know if you’ve added enough flour to your dough? I’m sharing these two tips in today’s Real Food Quote Monday (RFQM). They come from a 19-page, $3 booklet called “Simple Sourdough” by Mark Shepard. While the book isn’t heavy on details, it does a good job of introducing the basic sourdough bread process.

Video: Skype Call with Ann Marie


You know what, I was really nervous about this. Blogging is one thing, being “live” is another. Know what I mean? But, this video recorded Skype call with Ann Marie @ CHEESESLAVE turned out well and more importantly, it was fun! In this post is the video of the first 10 minutes of our Skype call. We chatted about my eCourse, about the food allergies that led my family to Nourishing Traditions, and even about my previous state of denial that we could eat better and feel better.

Tips for Maintaining and Establishing Routines


We’re all capable of learning new routines – especially if we have a little help to get our head around the possibilities. But maintaining those routines can be a harder challenge. When the thrill wears off of trying something new, we’re left with the choice to keep something up… or let it go. So it is important that not only do we keep pressing forward and learning new healthy skills in our kitchen, but that we do it in a way that we can keep up and maintain that momentum. This article is a special release from inside the eCourse.

eCourse FAQs


Just a few more days until enrollment closes for the traditional cooking Fundamentals eCourse at GNOWFGLINS. My email inbox is overflowing with questions, forum activity, and enrollments. This is all very good and exciting! Some questions I am receiving over and over, and I’d like to provide those answers in a public place. It is likely that many people are wondering similar things. So, here are the most common questions about the eCourse, along with the answers.

Counting My Nourishing Cyber-Blessings


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Paula – a blind GNOWFGLINS reader. She’s been blind since the age of 16 months. She is married and has four children who she homeschools. And yes, she says, “…my kids do sneak around and get away with stuff sometimes.” She’s the sweetest person you ever could meet, and a great inspiration. In this guest post, she gives us a peek into her life, and she shares how nourishing food blogs have helped her and her family. She’s pretty funny, too!