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We’re going on a road trip next week. Our drive will be about 18 hours and my husband wants to drive straight through, leaving one evening (right after dinner) and arriving the next day in the afternoon. I’ll need to pack food for one breakfast, one lunch, and snacks. So here’s what I’m planning:

Before we leave, I need to use up as much goat milk as possible by turning it into finished dairy foods. I will take as much of it with us as I can, to use at our destination, in the form of cheeses, kefir, and kefir cheese.

I have an issue with Kombucha – lots of it made and I don’t want to leave it behind to build up pressure in the jars and explode. I also don’t want to take it with us in case the jars break or explode with air pressure changes going over passes. And the fridge won’t have enough room to store it, otherwise the gal that is milking our goats won’t have room to chill the milk she gathers. So I’ll have to think on that.

I am shopping for a cooler. Our current cooler has plastic hinges, which are broken. It is also chewed by the squirrels. I would love to get one of the stainless steel coolers, but I’m sure I can’t find one nearby, and anyway, they are about $175 on Amazon! So I’ll have to buy plastic – but I will NOT settle for a cooler with plastic hinges. The lid needs to fit into the frame of the cooler with a pin of some sort; the small cooler I have like that is much more sturdy than the plastic-hinged sort. I hope I can find something like that today in town.

Tuesday morning, I plan to run out quickly to Localvore in Sutherlin, to buy fresh produce for the road. I’ll also stop at the feed store so there’s extra feed and hay around for the gal who is taking care of our goats while we’re gone.

The last post I’ll make before we leave is the Tuesday Twister, this coming Tuesday, August 25. Then the GNOWFGLINS blog will be on vacation (along with my family!) until Monday, September 7. Although, I may post while on vacation, if the mood hits. 😉

I’m sharing this post with Fight Back Fridays at FoodRenegade.

This post may contain affiliate links. We only recommend products and services we wholeheartedly endorse. Thank you for supporting Traditional Cooking School by GNOWFGLINS with your purchases. Our family thanks you!


  1. Mary Buzzell says

    We did this two years ago on a 24 hour drive. We left after dinner and arrived late the next evening (27 hours with stops for bathroom and eating what I brought at rest stops). It worked pretty well. I would do it again.

    No one would take care of my Kombucha for three weeks while I went to MPLS (mostly because taking care of my allergic dog and my giant garden was plenty to do) so I put the scobies in gallon jars with fresh tea and sweetener, covered with tea towels and regular towels and left them to become giant scobies. I threw all but the usual 10% out since it was so sour and peeled off the giant scobies and used the white tops. I am doing fresh batches now so I don’t know the end result yet. It may take another batch to get back to normal. It appears to be difficult to kill scobies. I left a gallon jug half full of strained kombucha figuring the guys at home would strain and drink and they didn’t, it grew a huge scoby that I had to chop apart to get out of the jug. :-) Is this Kombucha rambling helpful?

    • says

      Mary – thanks! I’m not worried about the scobies, but I’m wondering what to do with the 6 gallons of finished Kombucha :) Or maybe it is 4. Anyway, too much to take or leave to explode. I could try to give it away, I guess! I’m sure yours will recover fine. I get big scobys in my jugs, too, when left too long. So I agree, scobys are hard to kill!

  2. says

    Make a Komboucha stand for you kids to sell it: Komboucha for Sale: 50 cents a cup, or something like that.
    Sounds like you live in a rural area? so maybe this won’t work, unless you’re near a busy road. I have fond memories of doing lemonade stands.

    Second thought, just write lemonade for sale, and when they drive up and want some, tell them it’s even better than lemonade.

    Okay, so I am a little bit joking with this, but who knows? You might make a little change! Good luck!
    .-= Sarah Schatz – menu planners for limited diets´s last blog post… Why soaking flours can help you digest your baked goods =-.

    • says

      Sarah – We live so far out, that wouldn’t work. But what a great idea – especially the last one, to tell people it is better than lemonade!

    • says

      Marg – The gal that is milking for us is keeping all the milk. But it more convenient for her to store it here while we’re gone while she figures out what to do with it.

  3. Mary Buzzell says

    So I wasn’t really helpful last time! I would just take the caps off the jugs and rubber band cloth over the top so it can breath. Or, give it away. How long are you going to be gone?

  4. Mary Buzzell says

    Your post says you are gone until Monday, September 31. It will be really sour if that is the case. :-) Did you mean August 31st since September only goes to 30 days? I almost panicked. What would I do until the end of September with no Wardee? It’s cold today and seems like Fall is here. :-)

  5. says

    LOL, that’s why I said it was a long vacation. I thought you were going to be gone for a month! I didn’t realize there’s no Sept 31st. You’re quick, Mary! :)
    .-= Marg´s last blog post… A fun picture =-.

    • says

      And what’s funny (sad?) is that I got the dates wrong again – I’ll be back posting again on Monday, September 7th… I am so mixed up!

  6. says

    LOL Wardee! I think you have a lot on your mind right now. 😉 Well, we’ll miss one Tuesday Twister (unless you post on vacation). We could do 2 weeks together after you’re back. :)
    .-= Marg´s last blog post… A fun picture =-.

  7. says

    You sound like us! We went from WY to OR driving straight thru at the beginning of July. Took along dinner, breakfast and snacks. We tend to make that kind of a drive over night if we can. Your food sounds great. Have a wonderful time!
    .-= Millie´s last blog post… Kitchen Tracking- Day 7 =-.

  8. says

    I just LOVE a good car trip! Thankfully my hubby LOVES to drive. I will give one caveat regarding driving overnight- we did it that way last month when we drove about 8 hours to my FIL’s burial. The kids were great- slept all night, woke up at breakie time, were chipper and full of energy all day long. Unfortunately, 4 kids full of energy and 2 parents who didn’t sleep all night do NOT make a good combination. The next time we have to drive that far, Husband has said we’ll be leaving very early in the morning (the kids will sleep the first several hours) and drive all day. A slightly longer trip (more potty breaks when everyone is awake) but no walking-dead parents the next day. Your mileage, of course, may vary :)

    I hope you have a wonderful, safe trip and eat lots of good food on the way!!
    .-= Lindsey in AL´s last blog post… Stuff =-.

  9. Larisa says

    When I crossed country I took lots of raw fruits and veggies that weren’t soft (no plums, avocados, tomatoes) to minimize mess. I also packed sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and almonds. I would take the latter two again, but no sunflower seeds because I kept finding them between the car seats and under the floor. Too small. Also little tins of fish, dried fruit, Maranatha’s almond and peanut butter, rice crackers and one sweet (fruit juice) drink per person per day plus lots of water. Dried figs, strawberries and apples were great, but I wouldn’t take raisins or dates again (because of the mess).

    Have a lovely trip!

  10. Faith says

    We refrigerate our finished kombucha if we’re going to be gone for awhile, but gosh, that’d be hard with 6 gallons even if your fridge is empty. I’d bet the covering with cloth idea would work or maybe you could trade it with others on CL for something? I have a friend who makes 9 gallons of kombucha a week and trades part for swedish back massages from a lady who’d professionally licensed in massage, something she’d normally never treat herself to and the other lady gets homemade, organic kombucha free in exchange.
    Enjoy your trip!

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