Book Review: A Visual Guide to Harvesting Mushrooms

Harvesting wild mushrooms is definitely something we want to do! The first year we lived here, we had a guy do some tree work for us. He and his family were into hunting mushrooms – and he brought us a bag full of golden chanterelles and were they awesome! I sauteed them and they tasted so earthy and meaty. So I’m really excited to tell you about a book, “A Visual Guide to Harvesting Mushrooms” by Leota McKenzie. I flipped through it the other day when at Localvore in Sutherlin, Oregon.

Frugal and Healthy Eating While Travelling

What do you pack to eat when travelling? With some preparation beforehand, you won’t need to turn to prepackaged, processed, “travel-friendly” foods. These are not good for you, and often carry a high price tag. The stress of being away from home, no matter how fun the trip is, weakens our bodies. We are outside of our comfort zone, exposed to a different toxin load, and often suffer from lack of sleep. So traveling is one of the most important times to keep up good eating habits. And with some ahead of time preparation, the time of traveling can really be fun and healthy, not only because you and your family feel like you’re feasting, but because you (the cook) can relax and enjoy the time fully, knowing that your family is eating well!

Announcing the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival

For some weeks now, I have been writing Tuesday Twister posts, where I post pictures and brief summaries of the various doings in my kitchen and life – all real food related, of course. They are fun to write – the following are three reasons I started making the Tuesday Twister posts. After I explain all that, I’m going to give you an invitation to join a bigger and better Tuesday Twister. So keep reading to get down to the good stuff (including a giveaway)!

We Have A Winner!


My daughter B. got home from California in time to help me with the drawing for the quart-sized jar of Tropical Traditions Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil. We had alot of entries – very exciting! After a safe and secure drawing (eyes closed and double checking the number of entries), she drew the winner’s name. Congratulations to…