Must Read: “Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal” (or any book by Joel Salatin)

I’m becoming a die hard fan of Joel Salatin – like everybody else! Part of what I like is that he sounds so much like my husband. Those two would get along great! The latest book I’ve been devouring is “Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories From The Local Food Front.” It is a confirmation and an eye opener of just about everything that bugs us about our industrialized, centralized society.

Frugal Sweetener: Organic Raisins

Many fruit-sweetened desserts or other recipes, including my own, call for whole dates or date pieces which are blended into the wet ingredients. Don’t get me wrong, I love dates and usually have them at all times ready and waiting in the freezer! A few weeks ago, when I was getting low on dates, and also thinking that maybe we could save some money, I started experimenting with using raisins as a sweetener instead. It is working!

Tuesday Twister – June 23, 2009

A Wild Choke Cherry Tree On Our Property

My Tuesday Twister posts are my weekly round-up of what’s going on in my kitchen and our lives, as it pertains to food. So here we go – this week’s topics: finding a choke cherry tree, cottage cheese and feta cheese, cultured butter, getting the dishwasher to work again, spilt goat milk and hobbles, and setting boundaries for animals with pasture fencing.

Amish Cheese Recipes and Tips

For today’s Weekly Kitchen Tip (and Fight Back Fridays! at Food Renegade) I dug in my comments and pulled out this gem. My friend Christina once asked her Amish friend, Bethany, how she made cheese. Bethany wrote down all her methods and Christina keeps the paper in her recipe box. What I love is the simplicity of each recipe. Each type of cheese explained in five sentences or less! Makes it seem so easy! What do you think?