The Amazing Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef: Mother Earth News

The grass-fed beef article in the April/May 2009 Mother Earth News is remarkable. As Christie pointed out in a comment yesterday, the article “wonderfully affirmed God’s wisdom in the complexity of animals and plants needing each other for success.” The author didn’t name God, but we know that this complexity and dependency was His design. Do you know the amazing benefits of grass-fed beef? I admit, I really didn’t.

De-Crystallizing (Melting) Raw Honey

This tip comes from Tiffany Perez’ cookbook, At Tiffany’s Table.

When melting raw honey, put it into a glass jar, place in a pan of water and turn on stove to LOWEST temperature possible. Heat and stir until melted. This should stay liquid for about 1 month, if it lasts that long. Raw honey should not be heated above 117 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the integrity of the enzymes.

Needing More Tips!

Hey, all! I really, really, really am in need of tips for the Weekly Kitchen Tips series at Come on, don’t you want to be famous? Don’t you want the praise and accolades? Don’t you want to share your vast knowledge with the world?

Quinoa Tabouli Tradition

With friends that we try to see regularly, Quinoa Tabouli has become a tradition. Even to the point that our friends are the ones who supply most of the ingredients! The cutest part is that they have two little babies. One is not yet 2 and the other is around 3. The babies walk in the door, sit down at the table, and ask for food, usually “keen-wah, keen-wah” over and over. My goodness, they just about melt me! Okay, they DO melt me!

Piteba Oil Expeller



We have wondered whether such a thing — a household oil expeller — exists. Yesterday, a friend mentioned the Piteba Oil Expeller to me. Someone she knows brought it up out of the blue — because he is so happy with his and wanted to share. At $150 — the price we think it to be — it seems like a product that a couple families might want to share. I would think if you produced your own seeds, nuts, or olives, something like this would be a necessity.

Making Kombucha with Friends

Two young ladies are coming over this afternoon to learn how to make Kombucha. Last week, at their house, I gave them a taste of it, and they liked it, even though it was a bit on the sour side. 😉 Just a bit. Last week, I also told them about the easy no-knead artisan […]

A Little Fluffy


My sprouted spelt bread of the other day turned out, for the first time, rounded on the top. You could say it was a little bit fluffy. Other loaves I’ve made are either flat or caved in. I *think* the key was not letting the dough rise so long during the first rise. Yeast doesn’t […]