At Tiffany’s Table: Eat Your Way to Health


Tiffany Perez, a great internet friend who keeps the Food is Good blog, has published a new cookbook –  At Tiffany’s Table: Eat Your Way to Health. The recipes are not only healthy, but they’re simple to put together. However, before you read the recipes and plan which ones to try, you must read Tiffany’s […]

Trial: Sprouted Grain Tortillas

On Friday, I cooked a local, pasture-raised turkey, in anticipation of having guests over on Saturday. Our friends who were coming had just had a week of eating turkey themselves, so the last thing I wanted to do was serve the turkey and make them feel like they were still having leftovers! […]

Q & A: Soaking and Cooking Grains

Sato asked:

I checked your chart for cooking grains and you mentioned an option for soaking grains overnight. I did recently buy some millet and am wondering how to soak it overnight. Do I soak it in the water called for in the recipe and cook it in the soak water? Or do I drain it and add a smaller amount of fresh water/liquid when cooking the millet?

Hummus on Toast


The best hummus we’ve ever had. We all agreed. On the advice of my mom, I purchased some small Middle Eastern garbanzo beans, called Chana Dal. Pictured left, you can see the beans dry and then cooked. (See How to Cook Dry Beans.) What made the hummus so good? Well, I think it was those […]