Perfectly Moist Turkey, Every Time

carving turkey square

Experience has shown me that we end up with fabulously moist turkeys (even Heritage birds) by cooking our turkeys exactly the opposite way recommended by 1-800-BUTTERBALL. The helpful home economists there recommend cooking your turkey breast side up and uncovered. At least they don’t recommend stuffing the bird; I agree with that for retaining moisture. […]

12-Bean Soup Mix, and 12-Bean Soup Recipe, and 12-Bean Soup Mix for Gifts

About 4 years ago, I bought 3 to 5 pounds each of about 12 different organic beans and barley, and mixed up my own bean soup mix. We ended up with tons of it – 65 pounds in fact! I still have about 5 cups left of the mix in my kitchen. I gave lots of bean soup mixes for Christmas that year and they were well received.

Cornbread Experiment


I’m still experimenting with Sue Gregg’s Blender Baking Method (click to see the previous post where I discussed my first attempts). I have narrowed down the source of the bitter taste I got when using the Blender Baking Method. Vinegar (souring the almond milk) reacts with the baking soda to create a soapy-bitter taste. However, […]

Drying Bay Leaves

Jeff’s god-parents visited us last weekend from California. They brought us three branches of bay leaves from their yard. I already made chicken soup with three of them. They are so fragrant. Did you know that bay leaves also repel bugs? You can include them in your buckets/containers of stored foods, or lay them in […]

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Last week I got tomatoes from the same farm where we buy chickens, eggs, and turkeys. They usually don’t sell their tomatoes, but were through putting up their own supply and let me reap the harvest from their still-producing 35 tomato plants. The plants are under a greenhouse cover and still flourising as if it […]