Weekend Foods & Treats

The yummiest part of the weekend was making a gluten-free version of Halawa-Halawi. It was so simple I wonder why I didn’t do it before: substitute buckwheat flour for the whole wheat flour. That’s it! (Use the buckwheat flour from de-hulled buckwheat.) I made the date version of my vanilla-coconut ice cream again. The dates […]

In Praise of the Vita-Mix


This is going to be a shameless plug for the Vita-Mix machine. And I do mean shameless, because I do not have any reservations in recommending this awesome machine for anyone’s kitchen. We purchased our Vita-Mix almost six years ago and have never had a moment’s trouble with it. The warranty is seven years. Here’s […]

Mulukhiyyah (Arabic Comfrey and Lamb Stew over Rice)

recipe from “Sahtein: Middle East Cookbook” 4 cups of dried mulukhiyyah (comfrey) 2 pounds lamb meat (boneless preferred) 6 cloves of garlic 1/4 cup pine nuts 6 cups water or lamb broth salt and lemon juice to taste 1 teaspoon allspice 1/2 teaspoon black pepper 2 tablespoons of butter prepared, cooked brown rice Brown the […]

That’s alot of produce!

I couldn’t say no yesterday when faced with the bounty at the Farmer’s Market. We brought home 10 pounds of plums (2 varieties), 25 pounds of braeburn apples which are very crisp and delicious, and 4 dozen ears of corn. I got bulk prices on all of it, prices that are less sales on conventional […]

What’s Cookin’

We had guests over on Saturday. The husband/dad of their family was helping us plan an addition to our shop/pole barn. The meals turned out so easy because of all the prep cooking I did on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday, I cooked two chickens in the crockpot and a quick soak/cook of a full […]

Black Bean Spread

Black Bean Spread

This spread is just fabulous. Really hit the spot today. You can see our delicious and simple lunch in the picture (see also Four-Grain Flatbread). The recipe is flexible; a couple of the ingredients are optional. Can’t beat that! I’m sure it could be livened up with cilantro or cayenne pepper. 4 cups cooked black […]

Raw Pear Sauce, Raw Apple Sauce, For the Freezer

We are getting a bunch of apples and pears today. They’re coming from our sweet local doctor and her husband, who have an abundance. They called last week to ask if we wanted some. Yes, we do! Jeff is going to pick them up in town today, as he’s there and I’m not. Of course, […]