And The Winner Is… (‘Use Less Plastic’ Challenge)

After a completely objective drawing (thank you to my son, C.), I am pleased to announce the winner of the ‘Use Less Plastic’ Challenge. Please join me in congratulating Sara! I will be sending her a 2.5 quart stainless steel mixing bowl. This was a great challenge! I am very thankful to everyone who participated! […]

Raw Applesauce

A friend gave me a similar recipe last summer. Kids love this applesauce — what I love is that it is easy, raw and nutritious! You will need a Vita-Mix or other such heavy duty blender. (choose organic ingredients) about 4 apples, sweet variety such as Fuji handful of soaked, raw almonds (why soak nuts?)* […]

Juice Fasting Ideas

As I wrote at my Such Treasures blog, I’ve been keeping a juice fast since Sunday evening. I am following the guidelines in Don Colbert, M.D.’s book, Toxic Relief. My purpose for fasting has been to improve how my body handles seasonal allergies. I also wouldn’t mind losing about 10 pounds. 😉 At first I […]

Alternatives to Plastic for the Refrigerator, Lunchbox & Freezer

A great alternative to the ever-useful plastic baggie is wax paper and/or wax paper bags. Some wax paper is coated with a petroleum based product, and that is not the type to get. However, there is wax paper that is coated with paraffin. This article suggests the Natural Value brand. Wax paper and wax paper […]

This Morning In The Kitchen

I’ve had a wonderfully productive morning in the kitchen. I go in spurts. Some days I spend hardly any time in there at all. Today there were lots of tasks to be accomplished and I was in the mood to do them. New batches of Kombucha, batches of coconut bark and cookies. For some time […]