All On Board?

Getting every family member on board with making dietary changes may be the most difficult task on your journey to better health. There are plenty of delicious recipes using healthy foods. I believe that people’s objections to healthy foods have less to do with the true taste of good food and more to do with […]


GNOWFGLINS™ (pronounced g-NOWF-glinz) are: God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season While reading my explanation of each term in GNOWFGLINS™, I want you to keep in mind the main reason I believe GNOWFGLINS™ are the best foods. Yes, they are the healthiest foods, but primarily, when we eat these foods, we are honoring […]

“Cheezy” Gluten-Free Crackers

Jeffrey wants a cracker. He’s been telling me for months, and I finally listened. 😉 These Cheezy Gluten-Free Crackers are so good. They offer: 1) Boosted protein from the bean flours and the almond meal. 2) Versatile — use any 6 gluten-free (or gluten-full, for that matter) flours you desire or have on hand. The […]

Red Palm Oil Popcorn Instructions

Check out the free video demonstration where my son C. makes this popcorn (his favorite snack ever)! This popcorn tastes amazingly just like the theater — but without any of the guilt! I use the traditional red palm oil, an oil similar to olive oil. It contains vitamin A & vitamin E, and is about […]