Iced Nettle-Mint Tea

The weather got warm so it didn’t take long for me to start icing our Nettle-Mint Tea for Allergies. I put double the amount of herbs in my French press (or 2 cups). I pour boiling, pure water over all of it. I fill a pitcher with 2 trays’ worth of ice cubes. After the […]

Nettle-Mint Tea for Allergies

Allergy season is picking up here in the NorthWest. Every one of us is sniffling. Prior to this year, I was the only sufferer. It is a bummer that the rest of the family is now affected. I am serving each of us 2 cups per day of nettle-mint tea. I mix the dried nettle […]

Healthy Orange Julius

I haven’t had a real Orange Julius for a long time, so I can’t really say if this drink is a true replica. But it is yummy. We made it for a mid-morning snack today in answer to Jeff’s hankering (and inspiration). Healthy Orange “Julius” makes (3) 8-ounce servings 3 oranges 2 cups ice cubes […]

Whole Grain Hamburger Buns

Here’s how I made the hamburger buns on which we feasted Friday and Saturday nights. After the first rise (in addition to the sponge), I took 3-inch diameter balls of bread dough (now I use spelt or whole wheat sourdough bread) and flattened each with my hands as much as possible (they ended up to […]

Red Palm Oil

I’ve just done a little research on Red Palm Oil, originally used in Africa and the tropics. One source said red palm oil is to the tropics as olive oil would be to the Mediterranean. I’ll try to describe the flavor, but please recognize that I’m not good at descriptions like this. The oil is […]

Bread: Slice, Then Freeze

Cracked Grain Cereal Bread I have been slicing and then freezing loaves of my homemade bread. This seems to simplify things for me. I can work with frozen bread, but not unless it is sliced already. Individual slices can be pulled off a fully or partially frozen loaf, and then toasted. Or I can use […]